Fall - October 9, 2018

The 12 Fall Basics I Can’t Live Without

OK so maybe the headline is a little dramatic, but we all have those seasonal essentials that we have on rotation. Y’all know, the ones you reach for more than anything else and mix and match with everything in your closet. It’s basically my fall capsule collection of sorts, but I didn’t pay too much attention to what on this list matches with what – though honestly you could probably use this list as your own capsule.

Pretty much everything is neutral and can be worn in a bunch of different ways aka why they’re the basics I can’t live without (or wouldn’t want to). Plus a couple fun things to spice it up this particular fall! If you’re trying to get your fall essentials in order, make sure you have everything on this list and you’ll be good!

Cozy Scarf

Obviously! I’d argue that a chunky scarf is the number one accessory during the fall. Nothing else quite completes an outfit like a scarf and it can take an otherwise basic outfit to something extra. I personally love something with plaid (since I have a lot of solid tops and dresses), but a pretty fall color (burnt orange, maroon, etc) also works too depending on what your closet consists of.

Olive Green Jacket

The whole military slash olive green jacket trend has been a staple for a couple years now and it’s not going anywhere. It’s still a go-to for me during fall and it’s amazing for layering as the weather gets colder. I love the color/jacket with everything from gray to stripes to burnt orange to neutrals so AKA anything! It’s basically the denim jacket of fall and y’all need one if you don’t have one already.

fall outfit idea with drape open front jacket, black and white stripe crewneck tee, black jeans, tall cognac suede boots

Black and White Striped Shirt

I actually have an embarrassing amount of b&w striped shirts in my closet, but when you love something, you buy on repeat right? You don’t actually need as many as I have, but you 100% need one or two. I’d say a thin crew neck fitted style is my #1 because it’s super easy to layer under cardigans or jackets.

Long, Cozy Cardigan

One of my FAVES y’all! I’m obsessed with all things long cardigans and am soooo happy they area basically the new cardigan. I throw this on more than any other cardigan in my closet and it’s super easy to dress up or down. It’s equally as cute over a dress as it is with jeans and booties and is perfect for these transitional months. I’d say a burnt orange/tan is the color I end up wearing most, but a gray or cream would be up there too.

Turtleneck Sweater

YASSSS to sweater season! Y’all know I love sweaters and sweater season. I have a #problem with the amount of sweaters I own but if I had to pick one, it’d be a tan cowl neck sweater. The color feels like fall while being as versatile as colors come, and it looks great with all color booties. It also goes well with black jeans, denim, and basically whatever the heck you want to wear on bottom. If yours is long enough (covers the bootie), it’s perfect to pair with leggings for a comfy look like this.

camel sweater, black jeans, leopard booties, brown leather bag, and black sunglasses

Leopard Accents

For Fall 2018, you’ve gotta have leopard accents as a fall basic. It’s the print of the season and freaking perfect for this time of year since the colors mesh so well with typical fall colors. Leopard is fun to finish off a fall outfit and I personally love either leopard booties, a scarf, or a bag most. See this post for my round-up of leopard picks.

Speaking of the leopard loafers I’m recommending above, here’s an outfit I’ve worn recently where I’m styling them!

the Outfit Guide
striped sweater, suede jacket, black jeans and leopard mules

Solid Black Sweater or Black & White Striped Sweater

OK I know I already covered b&w striped shirt and a tan sweater, but you also gotta have either a b&w striped sweater or a solid black one. Here’s why. I’m a big believer in covering both warm outfits and cool ones – and black/black and white are obviously cooler. You really need both. Plus, I love a black-on-black outfit with a pop of color or leopard and find stripes are fun to mix in too.

Chambray Shirt

It’s no secret that I live for chambray and I’ve probably already told y’all a million times why you need one, but here I am again. Because it’s a fall basic x 1000000. I’ve worn this so many freaking times, so there are endless styles to wear it. Whether buttoned up and under a cardigan with the sleeves rolled up, unbuttoned and over that striped t-shirt, tied around the waist, under the olive green jacket, etc etc. It goes well with literally everything on this list and you can see allll the ways to wear it (some for fall) here.

Everyday Chambray Shirt

Everyone should have atleast one good chambray shirt in their closet. This is my favorite and has been for years. The color of the denim makes it easy to wear for every season.

black jeans

Black Jeans

I wear denim a lot in the fall in general, but nothing more than black jeans (see 30+ ways here). They’re the fall denim standard over here. I also love to have a black base (so mixed with a black sweater), and then put a fun jacket or cardigan on over. Look for a pair that’s partially cropped so that they look cute with sneakers, booties, etc. and can easily tuck in to rain boots or tall boots. I usually go for a tighter pair since most of my fall tops are a bit looser. High-waisted is also great because you can tuck things into them.

Black Skinny jeans

We all need a pair of high-rise black pants, and I’ve gone through like 30 before finding a pair that I LOVE. Something about these is just super flattering and they are comfyyy (have you noticed how a lot of black jeans are really weird material? Not these). I like these more than the Citizens I always talk about AND the J Brand Maria (which I’ve now decided I don’t like. They must have changed something because I’m over them now.)

Blank NYC Moto Jacket

I actually did an entire post on why you need a suede biker jacket earlier this week. And I think the fact that I have THIS SAME JACKET in 4 different colors should be testament enough to how stinkin’ cute and versatile it is. Honestly, this thing (in any color) can truly MAKE an outfit and is definitely a worthwhile addition to your wardrobe!

Brown Booties

Speaking of booties, have you seen my guide on how to wear ankle booties? I literally covered EVERYTHING you could possibly think of when it comes to how to style booties!

the Outfit Guide

Scroll through the outfits to see these brown booties styled 3 different ways! Outfit details: outfit one // outfit two (old) // outfit three (old)

Scroll through the outfits to see these brown booties styled 3 different ways! Outfit...

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OK so that’s my list!

What’s on your list of fall basics y’all can’t live without?