Beauty - July 13, 2016

Everyday Makeup Routine

everyday makeup routine

Last week, I spontaneously decided to share my everyday makeup routine on Shapchat. And it got such a positive reaction from you all, with so many follow up questions, that I decided I needed to convert the information I shared into a blog post. And plus, many of you asked that I create a blog post on it too! So here we go – I’m going to do my best to explain everything like I did on snapchat, but as always let me know if you had any specific questions!

My Everyday Makeup Routine

Everyday Makeup Routine – Step One: Foundation

I only recently started wearing foundation and I’m a total newbie. I don’t wear it every day, but my skin has been pretty spotty lately and so I’ve felt more comfortable/confident putting a thin little layer on before applying the rest of my face makeup (aka blush and bronzer).

I’m currently using Makeup Forever Ultra HD Invisible Liquid Foundation and applying it with this brush. To be completely honest, it’s the only kind I’ve ever tried. I’ve heard the the Estee Lauder double wear is fabulous, but I’ve only ever tried this one. And until I run out of this bottle, I don’t think I’ll try another because this one is working great for me!


Everyday Makeup Routine – Step Two: Mascara

I’m really particular about my mascara. I don’t typically like the “cult favorites” that everyone else seems to rave about (like “Diorshow” and YSL “Shocking”) . My lash game is pretty weak, so I personally feel like I need A LOT of help in that department. Plus, only certain mascaras seem to work for me.

Currently, I’m using two mascaras for my everyday look – although I definitely don’t wear makeup everyday (#confessions). I apply Lancôme ‘Hypnôse Drama’ Instant Full Body Volume Mascara on my lashes first; I usually apply about 5 coats to get a decent amount on my lashes. Then, if there’s any clumping (or just to finish it off), I’ll separate my lashes slash brush them out with Benefit Cosmetic’s ‘They’re Real” Mascara. This combo has worked VERY well for me for the past 3 months. And when I’m not using the Lancôme, I’m using the Urban Decay Subversion (primer) and Perversion (mascara) duo and LOVE it.

Everyday Makeup Routine – Step Three: Eyeliner

If I was going to go through the hassle of putting on mascara, then I’m going to wear eyeliner as well. Personally, I don’t like how my eyes look with mascara only – it always look a little off for some reason.

The eye liner that I SWEAR by and that seriously changed my (makeup) like is the 24/7 Glide On Eye Liner Pencil in Perversion by Urban Decay. You guys, it’s THE BEST and I’ve been using it ONLY for 4 years – nothing else really compares in my opinion. I apply a thin line to the outer edge of my bottom lid waterline. And it pulls my entire “eye” look together.

everyday makeup routine-3

Everyday Makeup Routine – Step Four: Concealer

There are 2 different concealers that I use on a daily base – one being a little more intense (thicker) than the other. But I think if I had to choose just ONE makeup product, I’d pick concealer. There’s something so powerful about putting that stuff under my eyes that makes me feel like a brand new human!

Sometimes I use IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eyes Concealer under my eyes (but just a tiny bit because it’s SO thick) but I don’t use this one ALL the time because it’s sometimes a little too thick. Also, since it’s so sticky (which is a good thing I think), my mascara will sometimes chip off and get stuck under my eyes if that makes sense? But even still, I LOVE how it makes my eyes look – it brightens them SO WELL.

everyday makeup routine-5

Most of the time, however, I use Covergirl ‘Simply Ageless (color 210) on my eye lids (makes a BIG difference!) and then in the creases on either side of my nose or anywhere else I might have blemishes. For both concealers, I use the Bobbi Brown “foundation brush” for application.

Everyday Makeup Routine – Step Five: Blush

I’ve been using the same blush for about a year now and I really like – it’s Rockateur by Benefit Cosmetics. It’s a darker color so it sort of just looks like you’ve got bronzed cheek bones and looks super natural.

Everyday Makeup Routine – Step Six: Bronzer

I use all sorts of bronzers and don’t really have a favorite right now. But lately, I’ve been using Bare Minerals All Over Face Powder in “Warm” and love how evenly it goes on my face. Plus, it doesn’t typically look too caked on (especially after a few hours) and I love that.

everyday makeup routine-6

Outfit Details: Wearing Lush sleeveless tank (LOVE this! and have in SO many colors!) // Baublebar Statement Necklace // Rich Color Lip Gloss

Shop The Post: Foundation: Makeup Forever Ultra HD Invisible Liquid Foundation // Foundation Brush: Liquid Foundation Brush // Mascara: Lancôme ‘Hypnôse Drama’ Instant Full Body Volume Mascara // Benefit Cosmetic’s ‘They’re Real” Mascara // Mascara Primer: Urban Decay Subversion Lash Primer // Eyeliner:  24/7 Glide On Eye Liner Pencil in Perversion // Concealer: IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eyes Concealer // Covergirl ‘Simply Ageless // Concealer Brush: Bobbi Brown “foundation brush” // Blush: Rockateur by Benefit Cosmetics // Bronzer: Bare Minerals All Over Face Powder in “Warm”