Work attire - May 5, 2017

Dressing For Creative Industry Events

brighton keller what to wear to a conference
brighton keller wearing long line white pants with ruffle cropped jacket
brighton keller wearing topshop jacket with high waisted pants and prada heels
brighton keller wearing white long pants, cropped blazer and black tank
brighton keller wearing topshop jacket with high waisted pants and prada heels

A few weeks back, I attended the Reward Style Conference, which I already shared about – and in short, it was amazing! From attending useful seminar to meeting new bloggers and brands, it was a refreshing way to get my creative juices going and get motivated for upcoming stuff happening around BTD – like real exciting stuff y’all (!). I reviewed what I learned at the event + all my outfits in my rS Conference recap post if you’re interested! I’m actually in NYC right now for ANOTHER work-related conference that is happening tomorrow – it’s called Create & Cultivate; I’m really excited about it! Have you heard of it?

Of course (knowing me) I ALWAYS procrastinate when it comes to putting together outfits. So as per usual, I waited until pretty much the last minute a.k.a the day before to put my looks for the rS conference together. And I actually did the SAME thing for this event too! But the look featured here turned out to be one of my favorites. Pretty good for the night before, right, lol?

brighton keller wearing long line white pants with ruffle cropped jacket

My Thought Process:: An Industry Event Outfit

The thing is, as much as I love fashion and styling and throwing things together, it can really stress me out when there are restrictions involved. Not like a dress code restriction, but like an event or conference for example – it’s not a wedding or a barbecue or a regular day – it’s an event I don’t attend super regularly or with an obvious dress code. It’s kinda tough. Plus, I want to make sure I’m going to look professional and put together but also still stylish. AND, depending on the event, I’m probably going to be on my feet all day so I want to make sure my shoes are comfortable and practical as well.

I wanted to take things into consideration, like the venue (gorg hotel in Dallas), the industry (creatives, bloggers, brands), and what we would be doing (happy hours, seminars, meetings, etc.). I also wanted to look professional (technically was for work) but cute. This, after all, was a time to connect with brands and other bloggers, and I wanted to present myself and BTD well. Wearing something un-cute wouldn’t be a good indication of my fashion sense and ability to write a fashion blog, ya know? (lulz)

brighton keller what to wear to a conference

Goal of This Outfit:: #GIRLBOSS

Since I had worn a dress and a skirt the days leading up, I decided to put together a business-ish look, but with the fashion/creative industry in mind. #girlboss is basically what I was going for. And that’s where this look was born!

I’m a huge fan of wide-legged white pants that are happening everywhere right now – they are just very chic to me. They aren’t as basic as the typical black trousers I tend to pull for a lot of work events, and they are seasonally appropriate. Then, can we talk about this little baby pink jacket?? I’m obsessed with ruffles, as you can tell for pretty much all my outfits this year, lol, and I love the simple yet fun detail of the sleeves. Again, more fun than a blazer or what I’d automatically pull for. Both of these pieces scream “has-her-ish-together-but-is-fashionable” – at least to me.

For the rest, I went with basics. A black top, black heels, some earrings. I really didn’t feel like I needed much more with the pants and jacket being the “main attractions” and wanted to keep everything else classic and not too trendy.

I think this same look could be worn for a lot of industries – from teachers to business to creatives – and I’ll definitely be recycling it again soon.

What’s your go-to look for an industry event?

OR even more so than an industry event, I’d say what things do you think about when you’re going to ANY event and want to dress professional yet still look stylish as well?! I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Outfit DetailsTopshop Ruffle Sleeve Jacket (love that it fits a little cropped! wearing size US2) // Club Monaco Sweater Tank (this is such a great basic to have, love the neckline – so flattering!) // Club Monaco Straight Leg Pant (OBSESSED! high-waisted, wearing size 00 and they fit so well – telling you for sizing reference. Normally I wear size 24/25 and these fit perfectly, I had to get them hemmed though!) // Prada Pointy Pumps (fit TTS, I talked about how much I love these in my Investment Pieces blog post! Such a good purchase!)