Blogging - April 25, 2017

Reflections from the Reward Style Conference

RewardStyle conference wearing black sweater, pink jacket and white pants, business casual

Outfit Details: Topshop Ruffle Sleeve Jacket (wearing size US2) // Club Monaco Sweater Tank // Club Monaco Straight Leg Pant // Prada Pointy Pumps

April 20, 2017 at 1135AM

Reflections from the Reward Style Conference

As I’m sure most of you already know (via Instagram), I was at a blogging conference in Dallas this weekend. It’s always fun getting to see everyone and meet with new brands, network, and enjoy the awesome production and parties that are planned throughout the weekend. The rS team really does an amazing job putting this event on and I always enjoy and appreciate it each year. I also love hearing about how the company has grown, what they’re up to, and their market reports on current industry trends and such. Plus, it’s just a lot of fun!

It was hard to narrow my “thoughts” down to just a couple of points, but I wanted to share just a few things that come to mind when I think about what I learned (or at least was reminded of) this past weekend. ALL of these points are things I ALREADY know, but just things that I was reminded of by either the conference or conversations with myself (which happen on the reg…).

1. Invest in what you own

It makes me feel pretty old to say this, but I’ve actually been to all 5 of the rS conferences to date. Yeah, I know. Wow. But I’ll say that this concept of investing in what you ACTUALLY own is one that has come up every single year at the conference. And rightfully so.

So much of what we do as bloggers is on platforms that are NOT our blogs. And that’s awesome. But there’s a temptation (at times) to put more energy and effort into other platforms because the gratification is more immediate or it’s “easier” to grow etc. I think we all know what I’m talking about here – especially with Instagram and Snapchat becoming such a big part of our priority list. But we have to remember that the only platform we really own and have full control over is our blog and so we should never let it fall behind.

So, what does this mean? It means continuing to product great content on your blog even when it’s so much easier to simply post to Instagram. It means investing in your blog and making sure that you’re continuing to evolve and improve with the industry.

2. Branding is key

I know you’ve heard it before and it’s nothing new, but I’m going to tell you again. If you’re a blogger or just an entrepreneur (or young adult) in general, it’s important to be aware of and intentionally cultivate a personal brand.

I loved hearing from Bumble’s CEO about her story and how critical her brand’s image has been to the growth of her business. But what was also interesting is that her company’s brand was also an extension of her own personal values, struggles, and passions which is the part that I think can easily be translated to blogging. Because in the blogging world, our brands are 100% a reflection of who WE are regardless of whether or not we want them to be. And so it’s super important to invest the time in figuring out exactly what that is.

3. Identify What You Want

It’s tempting to look at what everyone else is doing and feel pressured to start doing more or other things. But that’s not going to serve you well in the long run. If anything, it’s just going to distract you. Rather than spending your time looking at what everyone else is doing, spend it clarifying what it is that you’re doing and where you want to go. Once you have a better idea of your end goals, then you can make decisions that will help you  make progress on them. Otherwise, you’re just running on the exhausting, never-ending treadmill of keeping up with someone ELSE’S dreams, rather than building our own.

4. Relationships are Everything

No matter what industry you’re in, you know this is true. How many times have you heard that “it’s all about who you know?” I know, a lot! I have too. But I think the frequency of that is because it’s so true. The relationships we have and “who we know” really is the defining factor in all our careers. And several conversations this weekend reconfirmed and solidified that simple, yet foundational truth for me.

We should all be jumping at every opportunity possible to network with others in our industry or even in others. It’s sometimes those causal conversations that turn into one (or some of) the biggest opportunities yet. I loved getting to meet new people this weekend and am so thankful to Reward Style for providing the opportunity and space to do so. But at the end of the day, it’s not just about KNOWING people, it’s about taking initiative and making the most of the network we have.


If you’re a blogger and attended the conference, what about you?! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Now let’s get into the outfits I wore throughout the weekend, please do let me know if you have any questions!

Brighton Keller at Reward Style night 1 pool party, wearing embroidered dress

Outfit Details: Endless Rose Embroidered Dress // Steve Madden Strappy Sandal // Gucci ‘Sylvie’ Bag // Sonix Preston Sunglasses 

topshop midid skirt with striped shirt under the ltk sign, pattern on pattern, mixing prints

Unfortunately, this cute little midi skirt isn’t available online yet! I picked it up in store just before the conference started and it was a brand new arrival. Sometimes it takes a few weeks for things to get online.


This dress was such a hit! I loved it and can’t wait to wear it again to be honest! I wore it to the Bumble cocktail party we had Friday night at the Crescent.

Outfit Details: Frame Gingham Dress  // Steve Madden Strappy Sandal // Gucci ‘Sylvie’ Bag

topshop flower wall photo with peplum sleeve blazer and high waisted pants

Wore this number for Day 2 of meetings and then the Topshop Floral luncheon. It was seriously SO beautiful! How fun is this flower wall installation? I wish I could have taken it home with me :)

Outfit Details: Topshop Ruffle Sleeve Jacket // Club Monaco Sweater Tank // Club Monaco Straight Leg Pant // Prada Pointy Pumps


Sad news but this dress is actually sold out ALREADY. I literally ordered it online LAST WEEK and got it in the mail only a few days ago. But I guess it must have been a popular find because it is pretty much sold out at all retailers. I’ll let you know if it comes back in stock though – because it’s so stinkin’ cute! I love the color and how feminine the cut and detailing are!

In the meantime, here are some I’m loving::