Style - March 2, 2017

12 Investment Pieces Worth Splurging On

brighton keller styling a black blazer, satin camisole tank and blazer
12 investment pieces you need to add to your wardrobe
Brighton keller wearing t-back satin tank with black blazer and jeans satin camisole tank and blazer
Brighton keller wearing t-back satin tank with black blazer and jeans
Brighton Keller investment pieces outfit, how to elevate your wardrobe
Brighton Keller investment pieces outfit, how to elevate your wardrobe

Now this might look or play out differently for each of you depending on budget or preferences, but for the most part these are are all great items that I believe are worth investing in at some point in your life. Plus, the older I get, the more I’m realizing that I don’t need 7 pairs of black flats, one or two pairs of really great black flats is actually a better use of my money AND space! It’s more of an upfront investment (sure!), but the benefits are tenfold when you really think about it. Quality over quantity has become focus for me this year and I’m looking forward to investing in more quality pieces and paring down all the clutter and excess.

And after posting about my 5 go-to investment pieces a few weeks ago, I thought it would be fun to do an entire post dedicated this concept: what pieces to invest in and why. So I’ll be outlining a few more items I think are worth a splurge below. And so for this outfit, I’m wearing a few of them: a classic black blazer, a well-made simple bag, great denim and classic pumps.

Slowly growing a wardrobe that you LOVE by investing in great QUALITY is way smarter than acquiring a bunch of crap you only halfway-kind-like. Don’t you think? No matter what anyone tells you the satisfaction of buying one great piece will far surpass all the impulsive, random smaller-price point things that junk up your closet. Okay so let’s get right into it, shall we?!

brighton keller styling jeans and black blazer with chloe small drew bag

1. A Great Bag

First up, let’s talk a simple, classic and well-made bag that not only holds things well (and is easy to get into to – a MUST for me), but also looks damn good. Every woman needs one classic bag that she absolutely LOVES. I know some bags can get a little outrageous ($$-wise) so I’m not talking about a freaking Chanel or anything – just a well-made, good-looking bag that makes you excited to wear. You know? Or one that makes you want to keep your stuff organized if you know what I mean? Plus, a good-looking classic bag (assuming it’s not super trendy or embellished) will never go out of style. Not only will it last you years and still look fabulous, but I think it goes without saying (well at least to me) that a good-looking bag (even if it’s not designer) can make an outfit. The simplest bag can be the perfect finishing touch to elevate an otherwise #basic look.

brighton keller styling prada patent pumps with jeans and black blazer and chloe small drew bag

2. Classic Pumps

Shoe-lovin’ ladies, this is just common sense, am I right?! No wardrobe goes without a knockout pair of pumps. My big (shoe) purchase as of late was my black, patent Prada Pumps. And you guys, they were 100% worth the investment – if the sheer number of times I’ve worn them isn’t evidence enough!

They go with just about everything and are so flattering too (funny to say that about a shoe but it’s true!). Aside from my mom’s pumps (which are also BEAUTIFUL), my Prada pair is my fave – something about the toe cleavage is JUST right (ha!).

3. Khaki Trench Coat

Gotta love a good-looking trench coat though. Right? Not only are they the perfect throw-on for chilly nights or during those awkward in-between months (not too light, not too heavy), but they’re also great for rainy days! Plus, they’re stinking chic as hell. I’m all about those Burberry trench vibes – classy, yet feminine and also stylish too. Although I don’t have a Burberry trench coat yet, it’s 100% on my list and I’ll bite the bullet one of these days!

brighton keller styling a black blazer, leith satin tank, and coh jeans with chloe drew bag

4. Classic good-fitting Blazer

Whether you work in an office or home, a good-looking, well-fitted blazer is a wardrobe must. You can choose whichever color best compliments your closet, but either way you’ll get tons of use. I have a few different colors and wear them ALL the time. My favorite style at the moment is the Rag & Bone (wore it in this blog post!). But the fun thing is that you can also wear them for a sassy night out too; I mean assuming you’re not wearing like Ann Taylor’s (no offense – love your stuff AT) business-woman-version-blazer – save those for interviews and office looks!

5. Meaningful Jewelry/ Classic Pieces

I’m not talking anything extravagant here y’all slash I don’t expect everyone to be wearing Cartier bracelets like it’s casual (omg I WANT one tho – just sayin’). I’m talking about simple pieces that no matter the time of day or the year will be feminine and classic. A nice pair of pearl earrings, diamond studs, or gold studs! That’s all you really need to complete an outfit. Something delicate and dainty like a nice gold necklace will be an item that you will cherish. Plus you can pass it down to your girls and keep it in the fam (so special).

6. LBD

I could write a whole blog post about this topic. And Lisel countered that she could write a 20 page thesis on this (ha!) and then some. Everyone, I mean everyone needs a little black dress. No excuses or argument there, right? I mean, a little black dress is just SO EASY, simple and always stylish. Doesn’t matter if your go-to LBD is dressy, casual or both; a GOOD-looking (and well made) LBD will serve you well. They’re easy to dress up and down to fit the occasion. And can easily be worn with simple neutrals (love to play up this look with rhinestones or leopard!) or with pops of color too for something more ba-BAM. It’s literally an outfit with infinite possibilities! My biggest suggestion here is to make sure it fits you perfectly – so make sure to hit up your tailor if you need to.

7. Real Leather Jacket

Technically, since we’re talking about investment pieces here, I’m talking about a REAL one but I’ve actually come across some fabulous faux ones that are still $200+ (yet still not $1,000). But whatever the case – whether real or faux – a good-looking leather jacket is a closet MUST in my opinion. Lately, I’ve been LOVING the moto look and wearing my black leather moto/biker jacket NONstop. But whatever kind you’ve got (or are considering), leather jackets are just great to have and super easy to style.  It’s the perfect piece to throw over a t-shirt and jeans and emerge looking like Kate Moss.

8. Pashmina/Cashmere Cardigan

You can’t argue with the MUST on this one. I mean come on, talk about a GREAT piece to have in your closet – no matter what the season but especially the in-between months. Mine has come in handy one too many times. Whether I’m braving the cold in Aspen or boppin’ around in Dallas where “cold” is 50 degrees, a great pashmina or cardigan is one of my go-to pieces. Plus, it’s a great layering piece and one that can elevate a blah outfit to a BAM outfit with the right accessories (or sometimes even without?). I have plenty less expensive scarves with patterns and such to accommodate trends and random scarve-loving whims, but when it comes to my cashmere pieces I opt for neutrals. And plus, when you got the neutral route, you know it’ll always be in style and easy to wear with several colors, shapes and patterns.

9. Evening Clutch

This isn’t at the top of my priority list for investment pieces, but I do believe it deserves a little spotlight. A nice evening clutch that goes with everything is a great item to have in your wardrobe for those special occasions. The older I get the more I am invited to ‘special occasions’. Thus, I have realized that instead of buying 50 million clutches to match each individual dress I could spend my money better on one clutch that goes with it all and I will love for years.


10. Denim / Good Pair Of Jeans

I am the queen of one too many pairs of jeans. But really though – they’re my absolutely favorite thing to wear – no matter what the occasion. But when you wear jeans all the time you start to value them a little more and don’t mind spending a bit more to get higher quality and better fit.

11. Nice Button Down Shirt

A nicer button down shirt will not only look better on you, but it will certainly FEEL better too. A simple button down is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing I own and I’m constantly finding new ways to style it.  Obviously, you can wear it to work for a super profesh look (like under a blazer or something). But you could also wear it buttoned up with a cute little neck-tie and a high-waisted skirt for something more sassy and cute (#GossipGirl). I also love layering mine under crew neck sweaters during the Fall and Winter!

12. Leather Boots

Splurging on leather boots can be hard on your wallet, but it is worth it in the long run. Finding shoes that are comfortable and long-lasting will keep you from repeatedly purchasing not-so-well-made leather boots every Fall season. A classic pair that lasts for years worth it and they’ll look (and feel!) better on you too!


What do ya think? Agree? Did I miss anything?! What’re your favorite or must have investment items?

Outfit Details: Black Fitted Blazer // AG ‘The Legging’ Jeans //  Chloe ‘Small Drew’ Shoulder Bag // Satin Wrap Tank // Prada Pointy Toe Pumps