Shopping - August 24, 2018

Currently Shopping

It’s been a minute since I’ve shared things that I’m loving around the internets. I used to round up a list each week and I sort of miss doing that. So after a few of you reached out asking for shopping help, I decided it’d be fun to start weaving these types of posts back into the blog content! Let me know what you think!

August is such a weird month when it comes to shopping and figuring out what to wear. In most parts of the country (especially Dallas), the weather is blazing hot! And I’m sort of at in this place where I’m basically OVER buying or looking for cute summer things and am more drawn to classic, transitional pieces. I’m over bright, loud colors and am looking forward to Fall. But it’s WAY too hot to be hardcore shopping for Fall, you know?

And my outfits even get a little boring during August too because I tend to wear fewer accessories and my outfits rarely have much fuss to them. To be honest, you’ll probably find me in workout clothes or a throw-on dress most days of the week. How about you?