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The Power Of Habit

In The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg, talks about why we do the things we do by focusing on the habits through which we operate on a personal, organizational and societal level. This book really got me thinking about the things I do on a daily basis and how often I’m operating out of habit. The power of habit is the ability to automate willpower in a way that better helps us reach out goals. He gives lots of real-life illustrations of how the process works as well as application for how you can manage and utilize the power of your own habits.

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StyleWhat To Wear

Summer Capsule Wardrobe Essentials

With summer officially kicking off tomorrow (#YAY!), I’ve been feeling so refreshed when it comes to fashion. You can probably tell from my Instagram, but it’s HOT in Dallas and summer style is in full swing. But instead of going out and buying all the things this summer, I’m trying really hard to be more mindful when it comes to consuming. Maybe it’s just me going through a phase, but…

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Here’s What’s Really Going On (June 2018)

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been feeling a bit aimless lately. Y’all know I go through ups and downs with this whole blogging thing – where sometimes I’m super into it and inspired and then other times not so much. But that’s not really how I’m feeling now. This is different. I’m going to try my best to explain it to you – mostly because I need to get it out of my brain and into writing but also because I want to be honest with y’all.

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5 Things Keeping My Skin Hydrated This Summer

I’ll be honest that I’ve been blessed with pretty regular skin. I don’t get a ton of breakouts and it honestly doesn’t give me TOO much of an issue, but y’all know I’ve been trying to take better care of it. Honestly, it not being too much of a problem area has made me lazy with it over the years – and I thought it was time to change that.…

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Dining Room Rugs + Jumpsuit I’m wearing

I bought my living room rug last year around the same time I bought my house. And although I love it, the honest truth is that it just doesn’t photograph well. I’m sure that sounds horrible, but with so much of my job being about taking photos, it’s driven me crazy ever since! So I’ve wanted to replace it. Plus, I can sell it and get my money back! I wish I could have tried the rug in the room before purchasing it but it was custom cut – so that wasn’t an option! Anyway, I’m deciding between these two right now! I had ya’ll vote on IG stories and it seems like y’all love the blue-ish one! There’s a link to the jumpsuit I’m wearing if you’re interested! :)

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How To Be A Good Roommate

When the word “roommate” comes to mind, a positive association doesn’t always come with it. And it’s totally understandable why. Many of us have had at least one not-so-great experience with a roommate – I’ve for sure had my fair share of not-so-ideal roommates experiences as well. Luckily, I’m in a great situation now, but I’ve definitely learned a lot along the way.

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15. Strappy Sandals

Loving these strappy leather sandals. They are perfect to pair with dresses, shorts, and cute floral skirts. I love the boho-ish look to them to pair with a more casual outfit. They are super comfortable and a great on-the-go sandal.

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Strapless Red Dress

I’ve been wearing this little number on repeat and I wanted to share the link with y’all! it has been SUCH an easy throw-on for me at home and while at the beach too! LOVE the length and how easy it is. I’m wearing size 2.

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How to Get Better at Not Caring What Others Think

This is actually an article I’ve been wanting to write for a long time – probably years actually. It’s a topic I’ve thought about since middle school, and something I’ve wanted to conquer since forever. I kept pushing off writing it because I didn’t think I was *there* yet, or always felt like I still cared a little bit. and I mean, I do. I think we’d all be lying…

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Gold statement earrings

I wore this on my IG stories Saturday night and got a few questions from y’all, so I figured I should throw them up on BTD Daily. I love how lightweight they are and how they go with just about everything!

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Black & White Striped Suit

I love the vintage vibes of this swimsuit so, so much! And the little bow that ties at the top! I got this while at the beach and I know it’ll be a longtime favorite for sure! I linked the suit below, but if you’re wanting to know where I got the rest of the outfit, here you go: Lisi Lerch Disc earrings, Brixton hat

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Bow Sleeve Top

I actually borrowed this top from my sister because I loved it so very much! I’m getting one for myself too :) I don’t usually *love* off the shoulder tops, but this one is too cute. And I like how the sleeves are separates from the main body of the top, so you can actually move in it! I’m wearing and ordered size XS for reference.

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