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Stay Bible Study

I’ve been a fan of the Wheat & Honey co. bibles for years and love love love mine! I’ve talked about them before but they’re beautiful hand-painted journaling bibles. They just came out with their very first devotional and I was so excited to get my hands on one! I’m going through it myself now :)

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Investment Pieces for Fall

Y’all know I’m down with budget-friendly picks to mix in with my wardrobe, but I also am a big fan of investing in certain pieces. You see, there are certain pieces and brands that are worth spending a little extra in my book because the quality just can’t compare. I’m talking items that you can literally wear for years, that go with a lot in your closet, and that always…

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Why I’m Obsessed with Mascara Primer & How it Changed My Lash Game

OK y’all, you know I like to share the goods with you when I stumble across something good, and today that involves mascara primer. It’s not something I’ve used until the last few months, and now I’m straight HOOKED. I’ve known about face primer for years and love it, but honestly, it’s nothing in comparison to mascara primer. Let me break down how it changed my lash game for ya.…

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First Guest Outfit! Meet Katie!

So excited to share the very first outfit of a friend via the blog. It’s something I’ve been wanting to try FOREVER – to share OTHER girls and what they’re wearing! I think this could be the start of something so fun and new! Thanks so much Katie for agreeing to share your outfit with Team BTD! For those of you who don’t know, Katie is my roomie and she’s the cutest little thing in the world! xo, B

And here’s Katie::

I never thought I could pull off cropped “boot cut” jeans, as I have short legs, but J. Crew was having a sale so I thought I’d at least order and try them out- turns out, they don’t look bad! I was excited to wear them to work today, they fit me perfect lengthwise and in my waist (I’m 5’0”).

I purchased this sweater during the Nordstrom sale, and all my co-workers loved it today! Perfect amount of color and perfect tones for fall.

And thanks to B for letting me borrow these Lisi Leech earrings!

StyleHair Tips

#JohnnyBravorHair with Bumble & Bumble

If you could only see my bathroom, then you’d quickly realize that I am quite the hair product junkie. Some girls love makeup and lipstick colors and nail polish, well I love hair products! And I love trying new ones too! But even still, I have a few holy grail products that I keep come backing to. One of my go-to hair products for when I want lots of height…

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What I Packed For A Weekend Trip To Denver

I thought it might be fun to quickly throw together a post on what I packed for Denver this past weekend. It was a super spontaneous trip – we booked it on Thursday! But it was one of the most fun weekend trips I’ve ever been on! I’m obsessed with Denver and can’t wait to go back! I’m also very proud to say that I packed everything in a carry-on.…

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The 12 Fall Basics I Can’t Live Without

OK so maybe the headline is a little dramatic, but we all have those seasonal essentials that we have on rotation. Y’all know, the ones you reach for more than anything else and mix and match with everything in your closet. It’s basically my fall capsule collection of sorts, but I didn’t pay too much attention to what on this list matches with what – though honestly you could probably…

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Cropped Hoodie

I’ve been wearing this little, cropped hoodie on repeat this week while working from home. It’s perfect paired with my high-waisted lulu align leggings. Y’all know I wear those like every single day!

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Sometimes I Feel Discouraged Trying To Live Like Jesus…

Sometimes when I read the Bible and/or readings about what the Christian life should look like and how we’ve been called to live, I feel downright disheartened by my life. Often, it seems like the Bible’s “ask” is too big or aspirational for me to even attain – way too idealistic to actually live out.  I sure would love to live my life like the Apostle Paul or the Bible’s…

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