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“Stay Bible Study”

I’ve been a fan of the Wheat & Honey co. bibles for years and love love love mine! I’ve talked about them before but they’re beautiful hand-painted journaling bibles. They just came out with their very first devotional and I was so excited to get my hands on one! I’m going through it myself now :)

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“Illustrated Faith Bible”

I shared these bibles on stories a few weeks ago and I’ve been getting lots of questions via DMs about them. Did you happen to see these bibles? They’re so stinking cool!!

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Oh boy. This has been a big “thing” in my life lately. And it also goes along with my desire to pursue less in all areas of my life so that I can actually focus on what matters and keep things in perspective. Recently, I’ve been challenging myself to think about how my schedule reflects my *said* priorities. Like, if I say that friendships are important to me, then that should be reflected in the time I’m allocating to them throughout the week. You know? And I’ve been trying to waste less time mindlessly scrolling on social media when I could be focusing on more important things.


“His Love Is Perfected In Us”

I talked about this passage in IG stories this morning, and I wanted to archive it because it’s just so rich and good.

Let’s look into the IF/THEN STATEMENT going on in the last sentence, my friends.

IF we love one another, (THEN) God ABIDES in us and his LOVE IS PERFECTED in us.

The implication and importance of perfection is key here. God’s love is PERFECTED in us. What does that mean? It means that God’s love is made complete and perfect in us. It’s lacking in nothing–it is whole.

The best part is that WE don’t have to do the loving or perfecting. He’s going to come and abide in us and HE is going to do the loving for us. Because let’s be honest. We do a really terrible job of it on our own.


No one has seen God; if we love one another, God abides in us and his love is perfected in us.

This semicolon means that the two thoughts are connected. So we haven’t seen God–no one has– but when we love one another and God abides in us, THAT’S how we get to see God in the world. So cool.

Anyways, I love taking a passage and really digging into to it; the best and most impactful truths usually take some time to uncover!


“Loving Phil Wickham”

I’ve always been a big fan of Phil, but I’ve got a new found love for him again after seeing him live a few weeks ago. I went to the East-West Ministries benefit a few weekends ago and hear him play and WOW. He is incredible. So I’ve been listening to him more. I love when I find songs I can sing and pray at the same time. And after writing that post a few weeks ago on The Lord’s Prayer and How To Pray, I love how this song is sort of like a prayer. It made me think of that post and I thought I’d share it with y’all. I love the acoustic version. And he just came out with a new song (Living Hope) that I can’t stop listening to either!



“Grey & White Striped Dress”

I wore this striped dress to run errands on Sunday and I love it. It’s super slinky and comfy – such a perfect casual throw on for Spring. It would also be super cute layered with a denim jacket. I got size XS for reference and I’m 5′ 4″.

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