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6 Simple Ways to Decorate for the Holidays

how to decorate for the holidays

Isn’t it funny how now that we’re adults, it seems like the holidays sneak up on us like woah – but when you’re a kid, they can’t come sooner? Anyways, we’re officially in the holiday spirit over at the BTD headquarters, aka my house lulz. But y’all, it’s been so fun! I did a little decor shopping with my parents when they were in town, and then finished things up over the last week or so.

Though I like decorating, I’ll be honest, it’s kinda struggle city for me. Or to be clear, extravagant and super creative decorating is struggle city for me – I just don’t have it in me. BUT, since I do like getting in the spirit – and this is my first year in my home – I knew I wanted to do a few things to make the house feel in season extra Christmas-y!

For anyone else who isn’t necessarily Martha Stewart level but enjoys holiday decorating in a simple way, here are some ideas!

how to decorate for the holidays

Ornaments in a Bowl

This is beyond easy, and it’s actually been such a fun pop in my kitchen. You can find ornaments for super cheap at the dollar store, and no matter your color scheme, you can find some that work, and place them in a clear bowl. It would be cute to get some mini bowls and place these in smaller rooms like bathrooms or laundry rooms, too. Or even high up on the top of kitchen cabinets.

how to decorate for the holidays


I got a tree since it was my first year in the home, but let’s be real, Christmas trees are kind of a pain! If you’re not into going to get one or don’t have a way to transport them, buy a few wreaths. Make sure they’re real so you get the pine tree smell, and hang one on your front door or even on random windows or window covers in your home. We did this in a few places in my house and I’m OBSESSED with how chic they look!

Decorate with Greenery

Fall-style flowers are beautiful, but they’re a lot of upkeep and they can be pricey. I have a girlfriend who always uses greenery, especially this time of year, and it’s such an elegant, simple way to spruce up a space. Go to your local flower mart and grab whatever greenery you like and that’s in season or even pine tree branches, and place them in vases.

christmas decorating ideas branches in vases

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Hang a pine cone garland

To make a simple mantle decoration, or to spice up any room, string pine cones on a string, and then hang in a walkway or over the fireplace. It doesn’t get cheaper or more simple, and they actually look beautiful strung up. I personally like to use the small pine cones, and they’re easy to tie up and are just adorbs. You can dip them in gold glitter to make them even prettier!

DIY with the Sweetest Occasion

Image Credit: The Sweetest Occasion

Display Christmas Cards

Instead of sticking Christmas cards in a drawer, make them a display! String them up and then hang over a mirror, mantel or even a large picture frame to add a touch of holiday cheer.

Decorative Pillows

If you don’t want to hang anything or even feel like being creative whatsoever (#nojudgements), decorative pillows should be your BFF. They literally take a minute to swap out for your regular ones, yet they add such a pop of holiday feels to your home.

See – those were pretty simple right?! But again, I’m not a pro. Do y’all have any other simple ways to make your house feel holiday ready? Lemme know!

For me personally, I’m sort of going above and beyond this year but I think that’s just because this is my first Christmas to have my own place! And so I’m just extra excited about getting it all decorated just way I want to! If you follow me on instagram stories, then you’ve seen a little bit of what I’ve been doing to decorate but I plan on doing a fun reveal the first week of December. So stay tuned! I just wanted to give y’all some easy, simple ideas in the meantime!