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Where I Find Most of My Recipes

where I find most my recipes

Hey, friends! Y’all still seem to be enjoying my escapades in the kitchen, so I thought I’d share more info about where I go to get my recipes. I’m not quite to the point where I can completely wing it and come up with my own awesome recipes (although I feel like I’m making progress in that department!), which means I’ve become a frequent visitor of various food websites, Pinterest (more so than usual) and even bought myself a few cookbooks!

I’m by no means a food blogger, but as long as y’all are enjoying this kind of content, I’ll keep sharing it. Sound good? K!

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Cookbooks + Food bloggers

One of the most fun parts of getting into cooking is finding amazing recipe developers and cookbook authors to follow. The two that have stood out to me the most so far are Alex of The Defined Dish and Gina of Skinnytaste. Both of their websites have become such fast favorites of mine that I find myself going back to them every week looking for new recipes to try. The maple soy glazed salmon I rave about all the time is from Skinnytaste while the hibachi style chicken with the magic mustard sauce is one D and I love from The Defined Dish. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Both have tons of absolutely DELICIOUS recipes on their websites and in their cookbooks.

You can find The Defined Dish cookbook here, while Skinnytaste has several you can browse here depending on what kind of cooking you’re doing!

I know there are so many amazing food bloggers out there and I certainly need to explore a little more, but I have a certain level of trust with these two so far. And I haven’t been disappointed with any of the things I’ve cooked from both of them. I feel like committing to a recipe is kind of a big deal and it’s such a let down when your expectations aren’t met, you know? So once I find a blogger whose food I like, I’m like 100% committed!

Speaking of, which food bloggers are you in love with? Whose recipes have you made and loved?!


Man, I have been going CRAZY on Pinterest lately! I thought I was addicted to pinning home decor inspo, but it turns out recipes and food photography are even more addicting, LOL. I usually head to Pinterest when I don’t want to think about what I want. Like I’ll just type in buffalo chicken (for example) and boom – tons of recipes for buffalo chicken are right there. I’m always saving new recipes from desserts to healthier meal ideas, so be sure to follow along if you’re not already!

I’ll spend like 2 hours on Pinterest and come away with ONE recipe to cook. I don’t always judge by the photography but it sure doesn’t hurt, you know? I *especially* love when food bloggers have videos I can follow along with – that REALLY helps me when I feel intimidated by a recipe!

Cooking websites

It is wild how many amazing cooking websites are out there. I’ve discovered most of the ones I frequent through Pinterest and Instagram, and they’re all great follows if you need recipe ideas or like seeing pretty pictures of food in your feed. Here are a few I’m always pulling recipes from:

Hopefully this info can get you started if you’re looking to do more cooking! And if you’re looking for links to any of my kitchen stuff, check out this post or see my “Cooking” highlight on Instagram.

Favorite Recipes I’ve Cooked So Far

Skinny Taste

Mayple Soy Glazed Salmon

This has become a weekly staple for me and Duncan! And y’all, I don’t even like salmon! But this one is *really* good! We usually pair with asparagus or Brussel sprouts!

Cafe Delites

Low Carb Chicken Parm

We’ve made this a few times and used almond flour! I served it with a Caprese Salad and some asparagus!

Recipe Tin Eats

Pulled Pork With BBQ Sauce

Heads up, this one needs 10 hours in the crock pot but OMG it is amazing!! We sometimes make this at the beginning of the week and then the leftovers are so great for lunch throughout the week!

Simply Recipes

Chicken Piccata

This one is super easy and we use almond flower to keep it low-ish carbs! It’s become one of our go-to recipes for sure!

The Defined Dish

Hibachi Style Chicken with Magic Mustard Sauce

This meal was a little out of our comfort zone, but we loved it! Once you get over the fact that you have to get some ingredients you *might* not have in your pantry already, then you’re set! The sauce really is so so yummy!

How I Plan Our Weekly Meals

Instagram Story Highlights

Plan To Eat App

This is the app I use to plan our weekly meals and stay organized for grocery shopping! I’m really enjoying it and it helps keep me organized and on track!

I’ve been using Plan To Eat to plan our meals for the past 6 weeks and I cannot rave about it enough! I absolutely love it! It makes meal-planning so much easier!