Style - April 26, 2020

Weekly Recap // April Week 4

Blog Posts

  1. Duncan wrote his first blog post for BTD this week and it is SO GOOD! He talks all about his time in quarantine – a few learning lessons, a few books on his reading list and a GREAT playlist (on repeat here at the Butler household).
  2. As we enter into our 5th week of quarantine, I have started to feel some internal pressure to be productive and put out content like I did before the pandemic. But, that’s not always realistic. So, instead, I created a list of a few things I’ve been doing to fill my cup during this time.
  3. Last week Duncan and I had a spa night and it was SO MUCH FUN. We had a blast so I wanted to share what we did and how you all can replicate it for an at-home date night.
  4. Lastly, I shared 10 basic tops to throw on at home. These are great for quarantine and for summer weekends.


Brighton Keller pink workout leggings and white tank
Outfit Details: Ombre High Waist Leggings (wearing size xs) // Boyfriend V-Neck Tank (wearing size xs) // Swift Running Sneaker (fits true to size)
Brighton Keller cropped top and sweatpants
Outfit Details: BDG Astrid Oversized Long Sleeve Cropped Tee (wearing size xs) // Charcoal Sweatpants (wearing size xs)
Brighton Keller purple leggings and sports bra
Outfit Details: Doing Things Sports Bra (wearing size xs) // Techsweat 7/8 Zoom Leggings (wearing size xs)


This week I shared two workouts on my IG feed . Earlier in the week I shared an Arms, Butt & Abs workout. And Thursday I shared a Legs, Shoulders & Abs workout. Those workouts will be on my feed for those of you that want to try it out or do it again.

45 Min Workout

Legs, Shoulders & Abs

Not gonna lie, this was really hard for me – I actually didn’t even do the whole workout. I just COULD NOT today. I only went through each circuit 2x and I skipped the PLYO in between shoulders and abs…⁣BUT hey, I did something! And that’s a win! I’m including the full workout below but I just wanted to be honest and share it was hard for me! The shoulders are SNEAKY intense! ⁣⁣

35 Min Workout

Arms, Butt & Abs

This one was so good!! I challenged myself not to take ANY breaks and it was SOO 🔥! I felt my muscles burning so intensely, which means I *know* it was GOOD! ⁣


Duncan and I had take out a few times this week as we try to support local businesses. We also cooked at home twice. Both were fish recipes and both were SO GOOD! Both recipes are below if you want to try it out yourself!

Skinny Taste

Mayple Soy Glazed Salmon

This has become a weekly staple for me and Duncan! And y’all, I don’t even like salmon! But this one is *really* good! We usually pair with asparagus or Brussel sprouts!

Baked Fish In Lemon Cream Sauce (Recipe)

Brighton Keller's baked fish recipe


Random Things You Might Have Missed

I partnered with Go Clean Go to clean a few places in my house. I loved learning some new cleaning techniques. If you’re interested in some cleaning tips, go to my “Clean” highlight.

Instagram Story Highlights

Cleaning Series

I partnered with my friend Sarah of Go Clean Co to clean different parts of my house and it has been a *huge* hit on instagram! It’s all saved to my “clean” highlight if you want to check it out!

Instagram Story Highlights

Ring Wash

I share this all the time on stories! I originally got the idea from Living With Landyn and my jeweler, L&L Jewelry. Basically here’s what I do: (1) pour some water into a glass, (2) heat it up for 1 minute, (3) squirt some windex in there (about 10-15 squirts), (4) add some dish soap, (5) let your ring soak for 10 min – 10 hours or however long you want! (6) For extra sparkle, use a toothbrush to get up under the diamond!

For those of you that have been following for awhile, you’ve probably seen my ring-cleaning technique. I re-shared it this week. If you missed it or need a reminder, check out my “Ring Wash” highlight