Other - August 7, 2012

We Are What We Repeatedly Do

+ we are what we repeadedly do quote by aristotle via brightontheday +

Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.

love it. Per the norm, Aristotle was one of the first philosophers I studied. Initially I found his work rather dry and his logic relatively straight-forward, and thus, boring. I know now, though, that way off base in this perspective/impression

It wasn’t until I went back and reconsidered his work, after acquiring a general knowledge base on the basic history of philosophy, that I really began to appreciate his work. He’s pretty great, if you didn’t know. I could go on and on about this quote in particular, but I’ll do you a favor and keep most my ramblings to myself this week. But I do want to mention that this quote brings habits to mind. Habits can be consciously formed or developed, but most habits arise involuntarily and gradually become a part of who we are – an idiosyncratic characteristic that defines how we live and sometimes, who we are. But anyway, DO tell me, what does this quote mean to you? I find it both convicting and motivating.

For more talk on habits – see the Richard G. Scott quote in this post and my typography (“what we do everyday is more important than what we do every once in a while”) in this post.

Since I chose navy for the color of the quote, I pulled a few navy-inspired pictures to accompany the post. There’s really no rhyme or reason to the photos I selected other than the fact that pretty pictures make me happy. I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!

Typography by yours Truly // Credits: Blue Dress // Pink Fox blog // Katie Ermilio