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Top 5 Recommended Podcasts For Entertainment

best entertainment podcast to listen to now

A few months ago I mentioned I’d be starting a new series on the blog featuring the best of the best podcasts, giving y’all recommendations based off of my personal favorites and then some reader-based suggestions as well. I first announced I’d be doing podcast-focused blog posts on Snapchat asking for feedback and to hear your thoughts.

Luckily for me (and you!), a BUNCH of y’all sent in your favorites and had loads to say and suggest! I tallied them all up, organized them into categories, and then ventured to check out the most popular ones out for myself. That way, I could put together this here series that I’m finally getting around to posting. First up, we’ve got the best of the best podcast recommendations for all things entertainment-related.

best entertainment podcast to listen to now

Best of the Best Podcasts – Entertainment

At the end of the day, podcasts are supposed to be fun. I definitely enjoy listening to ones I can learn and grow from, but there are times when you just want to be entertained.

When you can hear about other people’s lives and struggles and laugh along side the episode. I love the lightness that comes with the list below – they are easy to listen to at any time of the day. I think they are especially great for the 3 p.m. slump or when I’m doing something incredibly boring like laundry (yawwwwn).

1. Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People

(~60 minutes)

I was hesitant about this idea before listening – mainly because I didn’t understand it – but basically the host calls strangers and somehow gets them to open up about raw (like RAW y’all), unfiltered situations in their life. The one rule is the host can’t hang up first, so if the person he calls wants to chat forever, they get deep – or sometimes they ended more quickly. It’s definitely a refreshing look at the human race, and it’s amazing the feels you can get hearing from a stranger-to-stranger conversation.

2. The Mortified Podcast

(~20 minutes)

OMG, this one. The premise is adults reading from their old diaries (lyrics, crushes, fights, everything)! How great is that? You’ll cringe, laugh, and be taken back to the awkward middle school days quick. It’s a quick listen and juts silly. I think it’d be great for parents too, because you can relate to things your kids are going through to see that these adults sharing similar stories do in fact heal from breakups or fix mistakes. Unique and wonderful!

3. Milennial

(~30 minutes)

I have somewhat mixed thoughts about this one – and the reviews are either GREAT or BAD – but I think it’s definitely worth a listen. The host discusses all the things we go through as milennials (if you are one) but I think anyone in their teens-30s would relate here. I definitely find comfort in knowing that some of the stuff I’m going through is common, and I would have loved these even more a few years ago. She’s also open about making a podcast which was cool to hear.

4. Rob Has a Podcast

(News AF) (30-200 minutes)

Told by a former Survivor contestant, Rob gives his take on a bunch of other reality shows like Big Brother and Amazing Race in a fun, insightful way. He’s great at involving listeners and making a community out of his show. It’s a unique look into reality TV. I’d definitely recommend this if you’re a TV fan!

5. Lady Lovin’

(~45 minutes)

Do y’all remember the show Laguna Beach? “Lo” is one of the hosts – there are three girls who host – and this is just fun. Nothing is off-limits for these girls and they talk about the struggles of dating, being in your late 20s/early 30s, living in a city (NYC) and everything in between. They have entertaining banter and know each other well. They often interview people – like the founder of BirchBox for example – and are pretty good at interesting questions. “Lady Gang” is another podcast that I heard is VERY similar and just as fun, FYI.

best entertainment podcast to listen to now

What about YOU?!

What’re your favorite entertainment-based podcasts? aka podcasts that tell a story or just straight up entertain you in one way or another!?

Hope y’all like this list! I don’t think you can have enough easy-to-listen to podcasts on your list, so please send any other ideas.

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best entertainment podcast to listen to now