Other - May 5, 2015

Random Post: Fun Things

As I was preparing the rest of this week’s post, I came across a few (fun!) things that I wanted to share. I feel like I wear those AG White Jeans ALL THE TIME. And I do because I LOVE them. I love the fit and the stretch of the fabric – despite the fact that they’re not high-waisted (which is usually what I gravitate towards). Anyway, I JUST saw that they now come in a distressed wash. Um, shopping cart…DONE.

And then do you remember those high-waisted flared jeans I wore in this post? Well, I noticed that they sold out SUPER fast and then I JUST saw that they were restocked :)

How cute is that flamingo phone case? I would totally get it if they made it for the iPhone 6 PLUS…

and I thought those neutral wedges (and not-too-bad price)were cute for those of you who are still looking for a good basic (every day) wedge.