Other - March 5, 2013


There’s something so sweet and simply joyful about spending quality time with close girlfriends/sisters–catching up, giggling, or just enjoying each other’s mere presence. I know that for me, personally, I often forget how powerful a little “girl time” can be, but often times after a rough day, it’s JUST what the doctor ordered. So take Mrs. Audrey’s words to heart and remember to hold onto eachother. Hold on to your most precious and treasured friendships. Don’t let them slip away! I know, it’s hard sometimes. Staying involved in each other’s lives takes work and a conscious effort, especially when you run in different circles. But I promise you (and so does Mrs. Audrey), you won’t regret it! Have a joyful and positive Tuesday friends! xo

Photo Credit: Photographer Sara Orme + Stylists Courtney Sanders & Annabel Cousins + Lonely Hearts Clothing