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10 Tips To Make Going To Sleep Easier

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Until recently, I always waited until I *wanted* to go to sleep before getting in bed. In other words, I’d wait until I was exhausted to make myself get in bed and actually try to fall asleep. I sort of thought that’s what everyone did? But as I’ve gotten older, it has been harder to get out of bed in the morning. I’ve made some lifestyle changes over the past year in order to get my much-needed 8 hours. I wanted to share some tips to fall asleep that have worked for me.

Prioritizing Sleep is Very #Adult

I think this is part of growing up. Eventually, we all come to the realization and accept the fact that we are not superhuman. And that we do in fact need at least 7+ hours of sleep to function and perform at peak levels.

But personally, it’s HARD for me to force myself to get to bed early. Anyone else? After 8 p.m., time flies and then all of a sudden I’ll look at my clock and it’s midnight and I haven’t even washed my face yet. Obviously, this leads to an unhealthy cycle of not getting enough sleep, life being a hot mess, feeling tired, all the things. So in an attempt to #adult more, I’ve been testing out practices in the evening to make myself go to sleep easier. I wouldn’t call it a nighttime routine yet – and I kinda change it up daily – but I find these things help SO much in terms of getting into the bedtime mindset.

A successful morning routine starts the night before. When you get your life in order the night before, you’re setting yourself up for success. Also, don’t underestimate the importance of sleep. I think that’s something our culture really does a poor job of doing these days; we forget how much we actually scientifically need sleep. There’s no way around it. It’s a fact!

10 Tips To Fall Asleep & Get To Bed Earlier

Whether you’re a night owl looking to get to bed earlier or want more of a chance for a morning routine, I think you’ll find these tips to fall asleep inspiring and/or helpful.

Getting to bed on time has not only helped me perform better at work, but it’s also helped me stick to my morning routine (which I now cherish BEYOND words). In fact, getting a morning routine has inspired me to have a Sunday routine too – so that I’m able to stick to my morning routine throughout the week!

Here are 10 ways to make yourself go to sleep earlier (without medicine or anything like that included).

1. Put Your Phone In Airplane Mode

This is what changes my nights most of all, so I’m listing it first. As y’all know, I go deep into DMs without even realizing it’s been two hours, so putting my phone away is KEY. Not even only putting my phone away, but in “Airplane Mode”. This way, the Internet doesn’t work and I don’t see any notifications coming through. Life-changing y’all. It’s uncomfortable at first, but it’s crazy liberating once you get into the habit. If I’m being really good, I’ll leave it like this all the way through my morning routine. Like 10 hours of uninterrupted time — it’s kinda magical. (Please remind me to do this if I’m DMing you at 11 p.m. LULZ)

2. Reading a Physical Book Will Help You Fall Asleep For Sure

But that means like an actual physical book; like, without an LCD screen lol. Instead of sitting in front of the TV until 10 p.m., do your thing but head into your bed an hour before you want to fall asleep. I personally LOVE reading so this is a little treat for me before bed. I’ve made the mistake of reading really stimulating or addicting books before bed… big mistake. Instead, find something that’s slightly boring or at least non-fiction. I mean, I hate to say to read something boring, but I do think it helps to read non-fiction because then you won’t be on the edge of your *bed* wondering what’s going to happen next, you know?

3. Wash Your Face Early So You’re More Inclined To Get In Bed

Sometimes I stay up an hour later than I need to just because I’m putting off washing my face. Does anyone else HATE doing this? OK but the trick is, just do it early you guys!! I’ve been doing it right when I get home from whatever so that it’s done and bedtime can come sooner. It’s such a small tip but makes a world of difference.

4. Develop a Nighttime Skin Routine

Now that I’m pretty much a skincare profesh (just kidding, but I’ve been learning a LOT which you can read about here), I love this part. I don’t actually know if the products I’m using are working yet, but it feels good, calms me down, and it makes me feel like an adult. I’m into it! Lately, I’ve been cleansing, applying some sort of serum, an eye cream, then lotion or oil. I usually do a face mask a couple times a week, too!

5. Incorporate The 2-Minute Rule

Take a couple minutes and pick up your bedroom or any other areas of your house that you’ll want to use in the morning (like an office or kitchen). Even things like putting away your laundry, starting the dishwasher, or putting your computer back on its charger make such a difference in the morning. Plus, being in a calm environment makes everything more peaceful. I suck at this right now but I’m determined to start keeping my bedroom more minimal.

6. Dim The Lights

Instead of keeping the heavy overnight lights on, dim them (or just keep one lamp on). This instantly relaxes the system and will let your body associate dimmed lights with sleep. Speaking of lights, make sure that you don’t have a ton on in your bedroom while trying to sleep. Having less tech, in general, is smart, but if you must have a TV or something with a beam of light, cover them up at night, as light interferes with sleep.

7. Help Yourself Fall Asleep With Some Lavender

Whether you light a lavender candle or diffuse lavender oil, it’s such a calming scent. It’s actually proven to relax your body and mind and it’s just yummy. Maybe it’s the placebo effect, but I promise this scent makes me tired/relaxed almost instantly! And candles are kinda my new fave so I’ve been pretty much hoarding lavender candles like this one.

8. Declutter Your Mind Before Trying To Fall Asleep With A Quick Brain Dump

So nighttime isn’t the time to start a full brain dump and re-doing your life (been there!), but a quick brain dump is a great idea before bed – especially if you have a lot on your mind or anxiety. I just make a quick list in a notebook I keep beside my bed. I’ll jot down anything I’m stressing about, what I need to do tomorrow, who I need to call, whatever. I’ll list what I’m grateful for if I’m feeling down, as that usually makes me feel better before bed. Get anything that could be keeping you up out. Things seem so much less busy or important when I just write them out instead of obsessing over them in my head.

9. Turn On A Sleep Machine

If you have roommates with different schedules, loud neighbors, or a snoring BF, you need a sleep machine. There are apps for it, but I find that buying an actual machine makes a huge difference. Plus, you don’t even want to be tempted by your phone! Knowing you have a sleep machine to rely on will probably disperse any sleep anxiety about falling asleep, too.

10. Try Using The CALM App

This app is genius, especially if you don’t like reading. There’s a bunch of stuff you can do on here (like meditate), but my favorite is the relaxing stories – whether about history or something else. It’s literally a bedtime story for adults and can be so freaking relaxing to listen to before bed.

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OK, clearly I’ve gotten pretty passionate about this – mainly because of the CRAZY cool effect it’s had on my mornings. And life. I just feel my best when I’m going to bed early and getting enough sleep.

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What Other Tips To Fall Asleep Should We Add To This List?