Product Reviews - March 25, 2022

The Pants You Won’t Believe Are Spanx

Brighton Butler wearing spanx twill wide leg pant in olive

I don’t know about you, but up until a few years ago, whenever I heard the brand name Spanx, I immediately envisioned shapewear. It wasn’t until I started digging around their site one day that I realized they have a huge variety of clothes and accessories.

I’ve shared about my obsession with Spanx in the past like this sweatsuit that basically got me through the winter or these suede leggings that I couldn’t get enough of. I even styled a couple of workwear looks featuring their hi-rise flare pants, which y’all loved as much as I did.

So when I saw these cropped wide leg pants, I knew I needed a pair. I actually loved them so much, I got them in both green (the website color is actually soft sage) and bright white.

One of my favorite things about Spanx clothing is that even the looser-fitting pieces are still SUPER flattering. For instance, these pants are made with a twill material so they’ve got some definite structure while still feeling extremely soft and stretchy. The Spanx site also mentions that these pants have “hidden Gut Check” shaping that will help create a slim fit.

I think these pants are perfect for the transition into spring. For both looks, I styled the pants with the cable knit sweater from my collection with Amazon The Drop (I got the sweater in both Whisper White and Fog Blue) and my favorite leather sandals.



Brighton Butler wearing spanx twill wide leg pant white