Skincare - November 4, 2019

The New Skincare Brand I’m Trying for Extra Hydration

It’s been a minute since I wrote about skincare and new products I’m loving (I’m constantly trying new things!), so I thought I’d take today to tell y’all about IMAGE Skincare available at Dermstore. Dermstore has been around for forever and it’s one of my favorite places for skincare products because they have all the best brands – including this new brand – IMAGE Skincare. I’ve been so impressed with it so far! Their products were developed by an esthetician and formulated by a plastic surgeon and are all cruelty-free! So incredible, right?!

I’ve been trying five of their products, which all really focus on hydration (with a little anti-aging mixed in). I desperately need this right now since I’ve been sick and just moved to somewhere with a drier climate (I’m OFFICIALLY a Denver resident!). So, I think it’d be easiest to list each product I’ve tried and give a quick breakdown of what it does and why I’m liking it. Sound good? K, let’s get into it!

PREVENTION Daily Hydrating Moisturizer SPF 30

One thing I’ve heard about Denver is that even though there’s a lot of snow in the winter, it doesn’t last very long because the sun is almost always shining (even when it’s freezing cold). This means I need to make sure I’m on top of my SPF game so I’ve been using PREVENTION Daily Hydrating Moisturizer SPF 30 from IMAGE. A lot of the time I feel like sunscreen isn’t hydrating and leaves my skin protected, but thirsty, know what I mean? Like that tight feeling. So it’s really great to use a product that prioritizes both sun protection and hydration. They also have an oil-free version of this if you have oily skin and want a matte option!

THE MAX Stem Cell Eye Crème

This product has been one of my favorites to try (but they’re all great TBH) from IMAGE. My eye area is probably my number one concern as far as aging goes and IMAGE’s stem cell line of products focuses on using hyaluronic acid and plant stem cells to help combat it. For the eye cream specifically, it helps with dark circles, puffiness and fine lines. And if you follow along on Stories you KNOW I definitely get dark circles, so this has been great to put on every night.

THE MAX Stem Cell Crème

Another product from IMAGE’s stem cell line up, this cream, which I’ve been putting on at night, makes such a difference with how my skin looks and feels in the morning. Similar to the eye cream, it uses hyaluronic acid and plant stem cells to work to restore skin as you sleep. So instead of waking up feeling like I need to dowse my skin in moisturizer, it already feels super smooth and soft. It’s also great for hyperpigmentation and adding firmness to the skin if that’s something you’re looking for.

VITAL C Hydrating Overnight Masque

I was really excited to try this product because I hear so many good things about vitamin C! It’s known for brightening your skin and giving it an overall boost, which sounds pretty darn good to me. The ingredients are really great too, which is always a plus. I also like this product because although I don’t have super sensitive skin, this masque is supposed to be great for people that do.

AGELESS Total Pure Hyaluronic6 Filler

OK, this is probably my favorite product of the five. You might have seen me talk about it on Stories and that’s because it’s been my go-to for a few weeks now. It’s not quite a serum but it’s not a gel either, it’s just thick and makes my skin feel SO good. I like to put it on in the morning as part of my routine because it does double duty as a moisturizer and a “filler”, which means it plumps up my skin and helps the fine lines that make me look tired look a little more perked up!

You really can’t go wrong trying any of these products. And I think the price point is really good too considering the clean and high-quality ingredients. Plus, Dermstore is great and I know they’re only going to carry products that work!


Thanks to Dermstore for sponsoring this post. As always, all thoughts are my own.