Beauty - July 16, 2021

2 Skincare Tools I’m loving

skincare tools I'm using and loving lately

I love sharing new products with you guys on stories, but I’ve really been slacking when it comes to sharing on my blog as well. And I really miss creating more informative, long-form content here. I love sharing on stories, but once it expires, there’s not really an easy way to share it again (even if it still lives in highlights). So that being said, I wanted to put together a quick blog post sharing two skin care tools I’ve been enjoying.

I started using this facial steamer earlier this year and have fallen in love with it. I saw a few people raving about it during quarantine when everyone was upping their skincare game and wanted to try it out myself! I use it at least once a week (sometimes more) and love how it makes my skin feel. I typically use it when I’m doing an exfoliating or hydrating mask because I feel like it really opens up my pores and helps whatever product I’m using work better. Plus, it feels amazing! I used to have another steamer by another brand but I much prefer this one because it has 20 minutes of steam (much longer!)

When using the steamer, I always cleanse first with this cleanser. Sometimes I’ll do a double cleanse and do this oil-based cleanser first but only if I’m feeling extra ambitious – I usually just do a single cleanse. Then I steam for about 5-10 minutes, letting the steam open up all my pores and moisturize my skin – it feels incredible.

The Facial Steamer

I look forward to my steam times. It’s a 20 minute relaxation period that I cherish. All you have to do is fill it with water (and essentials oils if you want), turn it on and let it do it’s job!

Skin Benefits:

  • Detoxifies skin
  • Releases impurities and dead skin cells
  • Opens up pores
  • Skin is more receptive to skincare products
  • Moisturizes and softens skin
  • For all skin types

Since I enjoyed the steamer so much, I wanted to try another one of Vanity Planet’s facial tools. I’d heard great things about their Exfora wand so I ordered it to try. I’ve now been using for 5 weeks and look forward to it – it’s so satisfying! It is an at-home microdermabrasion wand. It helps exfoliate and (literally) suctions away impurities that can clog pores. Once a week, I do a deep cleanse, steam and then use the Exfora. My products absorb so much better after this and it leaves my skin feeling extra soft.

The Exfora Wand

As recommended, I started using this tool once a week. It is designed to act like an at home microdermabrasion. After I do a deep cleanser and steam I use this to extract all of the impurities/dead skin. And when I tell you it suctions it all out it suctions it all out. I didn’t realize the power it had and accidentally gave myself a mini hickey the first time I used it! It has three levels and they recommend starting on level one and working your way up to 3. One of my favorite features is the smart screen; it lets you know what part of your face to start on and then when to move on to a new section, which I appreciate since sometimes I need a little hand-holding when it comes to my face.


  • user-friendly and easy to use
  • comes with 4 different heads (normal, massage, body, fine). Each used for different parts of the face and body. The fine head really helps you get into those hard to reach places like the creases of your nose!
  • smart screen helps direct and guide you through how to use
  • customizable suction strengths (levels 1-3)


  • exfoliates & suctions impurities, clogged pores & blackheads
  • enhances absorption of skincare products
  • suitable for all skin types (gentle on skin)
  • stimulates skin, promoting blood circulation & collagen production.

If you’re looking to introduce some new tools/products into your routine I definitely recommend these! Both are so easy to use and both leave my skin feeling amazing.

Have you tried either of these products?? I’d love to hear what you think if so!