Skincare - November 15, 2018

The Holiday Tula Products Y’all Have to Gift (Or Keep for Yourself!)

Are y’all sick of me talking about Tula yet?! HA! I feel like between the posts and Stories, I’m always mentioning it, but I just love it so much. It’s the one brand that’s stuck around throughout the years and I feel like I must share the info! Plus, it’s something I always end up gifting a lot of Tula this time of year – my friends, sisters and mama all love it, too.

I just got one of their holiday sets which is AMAZING and I thought it’d be fun to share all of the sets with y’all! Whether you’re wanting to go into 2019 with better skin (#treatyourself) or to give the gift of good skincare, tons of good stuff coming from Tula right now. Especially because the deals are really really good and you can buy depending on your budget (from full sets to more stocking stuffer items). Plus, Tula is giving 20% off to all my readers using code BRIGHTON so that’s even better!

Here are my faves of the holiday collection…

Holiday Sets

I’m a sucker for a good skincare set (or really any set for that matter). I love how each product in the Tula sets compliment each other and that there’s a little theme behind each. This makes it easy when gifting too because you can think of what that person needs and choose a set depending on that! Plus, can we talk about how pretty the iridescent bags are each of Tula’s kits come with? So fun for this time of year!

Ultimate Self-Care Kit

So this is the first set I got because¬† I don’t know about y’all, but I’m in need of some major self-care over here. Slash what’s new? But I had so much fun using this kit and honestly felt better about life simply opening it (seriously!). My skin was also in need of some attention after so much travel and this freezing Dallas weather – so it was the perfect combo.

All of the products in this set are good for you and make your skin SO happy. I especially liked the eye serum, exfoliating mask (gentle but gets alllll the dead skin off), and the sheet masks. A little Netlfix and this set and I was a happy camper. This set would be perfect for any new mamas or girls who have been on the go like woah.

Mask to the Max Kit

We all have those friends who are obsessed with face masks, and this would be the set for them. There’s a mask for every skin issue in this box, like their brightening one, one to recover the skin, one to nourish, and so on. Such a fun gift for coworkers, a mother in law, or seriously anyone!

Bright & Balanced Kit

One of my main issues with skin this time of year is how dull it is. Anyone else feel this way?? If so, you’re gonna be obsessed with this kit. This kit comes with 3 of Tula’s essentials for brighter and balanced skin and their limited edition Bright Sheet Mask which I’m DYING to try! It also has a cleanser, pH gel to balance your skin’s pH levels, and a day/night cream. This is on my list to try next so if y’all wanna gift me one, that’s totally cool ;)

Stocking Stuffers

If y’all are looking for a stocking stuffer or something smaller to give, Tula also has that covered.

Moisture Magic

This is basically a mini skincare set and it’s under $30 bucks so I mean, what else could you want? I like this idea for someone you don’t know well but want to gift them something – or if you’re wanting to try Tula products for the first time! This comes with a mini day/night cream, a mini cleanser, and the cute bag. This is a great idea for anyone who travels a lot, too.

Insta Bright Sheet Mask

This is Tula’s limited edition mask – and this mini set comes with 4 of them for under $30.

I’m so excited to share all of these holiday kits with y’all because I truly do think any of these would make such a great gift! So much so that I’m doing a giveaway with y’all on Instagram today and giving away one of the ultimate self-care kits! Head to my Instagram to see how to enter!