Shopping - December 3, 2018

The Best Underrated Gifts EVER

We all know there are some gifts that we get (and give) year after year. Things like pajamas, sweaters, a calendar, and other items that are kind of basic. And while those are great and things I enjoy giving/gifting, I also LOVE thinking of underrated gifts. You know – the ones that are soooo good to get and you wouldn’t expect it? I like throwing a few of those into my pile of gifts, so I wanted to share some of my faves today. I’ve kept them secrets for years but I love y’all too much not to share :)

A daily life upgrade

I love thinking of the person I’m buying for instead of buying X amount of things and then just giving them to whoever is on my list. Ya know? Going personal goes a long way in terms of thoughtfulness! So one of the most underrated things you can give someone (in my opinion), is a personal upgrade.

What that is will depend on the person, of course, but think of something they use in their life daily. Like a nice coffee machine, a better blender, a quality set of pots and pans, nicer running shoes, etc. Basically, something people have a hard time buying themselves but that would really make them happy every day! Here are some ideas…

Personalized jewelry

When done right, personalized jewelry is such a great gift… right?! I’ve actually written an entire piece on how to pick the right jewelry so y’all can read about that right here. Or if you’re looking for some suggestions, I’m obsessed with the Maya Brenner charm necklace at Baublebar – I love how delicate it is and that you can customize the initials! Actually, bauble bar has a lot of great personalized jewelry options, you should check out what they’v got if you haven’t already perused this section of their site!

or while we’re on the subject of personalized, I love this iPhone case. You can put up the 12 characters on them and the designs/look is so cute!

A subscription

For me, this is one of the BEST gifts ever. It’s kind of like the personal upgrade but in a different kind of way. I’ve gifted some friends and family a year of Audible – especially good if someone has a long commute or loves to read. It’d also be cool to give someone like a year of Spotify, a fun magazine subscription as a little treat, or a year of Drybar or something depending on how much you want to spend! Way better than a gift card because it’s the gift that keeps on giving.


I. LOVE. SLIPPERS. And I kinda love nothing more than getting a really good pair – especially a nice brand that I might not usually spend the money on. Same goes for gifting this for someone, especially like a mama or someone who works from home or is a homebody. Here are some faves…

A life-changing book

You know those books you read and keep in your life for years? The ones you read over and over again? Those make great gifts for specific people in your life! I love when someone passes on a book with a personal note of why I’d like it, or what made them think of me. I’ve given this book to a few people! Or you could give someone a daily devotional? I love this one and use it when I’m not going through a specified study!

A coffee warmer

These are the best invention ever and they keep your coffee warm whether by your bed or at your desk. I mean, who wouldn’t appreciate this? I feel like people don’t know about these and Y’ALL NEED TO KNOW! That’s all.

Cozy Robe or PJs

I remember I got one of these waffle knit robes for graduation over 10 years ago and I still use it almost every single day! My mom got it monogrammed with my initials to make it more personal and I LOVE it! I found some cute ones for under $20 on Amazon! Also – cosmetic/toiletry bags. Everyone needs these but they are not fun to buy. This brand has so many options and this brand sells a less expensive version.


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What’s the best underrated gift you’ve ever gotten or given?