Life - April 29, 2018

The BTD Guidelines to Buying Jewelry for Others

Mother’s Day is coming up, which is usually the time that I try to find my mom a piece of jewelry (or help my dad too), and always always struggle with whether she’ll like it. I mean, jewelry can be SO personal, but it’s also one of my favorite things in the world – so I can’t help but to try and gift it.

This year, instead of kinda choosing a piece and hoping she’ll love (slash buying what I’d wear), I thought I’d be more thought into it. Because I also realized, Mother’s Day isn’t the only time of year I’m trying to buy jewelry for someone. I also love giving friends little pieces for their birthdays or whatever – I just think it’s a sweet gift with a lot of potential. If you get it right!

If you also struggle with what the heck to get mom every year, or how to pick out jewelry for others, I thought I’d put together some guidelines. I actually sent them to my dad so he could do his own shopping this year, ha! They really do help, if I say so myself.

Step 1: Consider finish

When picking out jewelry for someone else, think back to the finish they usually wear (whether gold, silver, rose gold, etc). If you can’t think on the spot, check their Instagram or pictures and you’ll probably be able to tell. Matching what finish their wedding rings are (if they’re married) is a safe bet too – especially if they like jewelry to be streamlined. When in doubt, gold seems to be the safe option for all ages – especially since it’s pretty trendy right now, but definitely do some digging here.

Step 2: Decide placement

Once you know the finish, think of what type of jewelry the person tends to wear more. For example, my mama is an earrings kinda girl. Whether that’s simple diamond studs or a playful statement earring, that’s her thing. She doesn’t necessarily wear necklaces or rings as much because she has to work with her hands a lot. So think about their style and even their lifestyle. If they have young kids, they probably want something more simple that’s not a distraction for kids to pull at lulz. But seriously, just think of their everyday life and even their job and decide on a placement for the jewelry – whether necklace, earrings, rings, or bracelet.

Step 3: Know the style

OK, now the fun part. Some people like bold, fun jewelry (like me!) and some don’t, it’s just a fact. So, instead of buying what YOU like or would wear, know the style of the receiver. My mama is a little sassy like me, so I knew I wanted to get her some really fun earrings that matched her personality. Kendra Scott has SUCH cute things out right now with their Summer Collection and they basically screamed snazzy and girly, so that’s where I turned for my mama’s earrings.

Can we talk about these lilac ones from these pictures?! Since Mother’s Day is right before summer, I loved that these were a playful pop and in such a big shade for spring. They’re unique and a talking point, which very much reminds me of my mom.

If you are buying for someone who prefers something delicate, Kendra Scott also has daintier options like this and this one. They also have some really cute bracelets that match the earrings I bought my mama. Basically, their whole Summer Collection is Mother’s Day gold no matter the style of who you are buying for.

Step 4: Think about sentiment

If you’re gifting for a special occasion (like Mother’s Day or maybe the birth of a baby), think about going a little sentimental if the person would appreciate it. Whether that’s incorporating their birthstone or color, their initial, their kids’ initial or even a number that is special to you both, think about how to make this piece sentimental.

If you don’t have that type of relationship with the person, going with something they’ll like is totally OK – I just like to add this here in case it’s a special occasion. (This is something my dad never really thought of, and he personally loved this tip, so pass on to the guys in your life, ha!).

See, isn’t that helpful?! Hopefully!

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