Style - November 30, 2018

5 Winter Staples I Found on Amazon

Winter travel is in full swing and sure – looking cute is a priority BUT staying warm is really my main concern, HA! I scoured Amazon for some cute winter-wear options and put together two outfits! Of course these items wouldn’t be worn all together, but I’ve designed it so you can choose which jacket, bag and boots to wear depending on the occasion/location. Details on each item below…


These grey snow boots were my favorites for two reasons, they were low profile (not too outlandish with fur) and they mix brown, black and grey. You can easily pair these with a chunky high rise sock for a layered look or wear a no-show wool sock to keep the look sleek. Comes in 14 more colors, too!

I chose these riding boots because they are under $150 and they come in 3 colors. They are a classic staple in any wardrobe. I’d wear the black version of this boot with the windowpane coat I have linked below – along with the black bag. :)


My feelings for this windowpane wrap coat in one word, obsessed. The second I saw this wrap coat I ordered it immediately. It comes in 6 other color patterns, I’m in love with the brown multicolored version! I’d pair this coat with a light pink or white version of the thermal top I featured to keep the monochromatic look.

The gold details on this fur lined hooded coat are what sold me, so classy! Love that the buckle on this coat gives your outfit some shape instead just looking like a giant black marshmallow, not a cute look.

Base Layer

OK guys…these are the winner – Fleece. Lined. Jean. Leggings. When it’s a cold winters day, you want nothing more than a cozy legging if you have to leave the house. These fleece lined leggings elevate a dreary winter day outfit instantly! Plus…they’re under $55.

This thermal top comes in 6 colors, has a split hem and is under $20. A no brainer if you ask me as well as a staple layering piece you will style all fall and winter!


Backpacks just make life easier. They free up your hands to grasp your coffee (necessary!) and can hold more than an average tote bag, so I chose this braided leather backpack as a companion to either of these winter looks!

I wanted to give y’all some unique bag options and I love the look of a bucket bag – enter this tan sueded leather tan bucket bag that is guess what…under $20! Comes in grey or black too.


Would love to see some of your winter outfits! What’s your favorite winter style staple?