I Am Always Sure About What I Don’t Want

I am almost never sure about what I want but I am always sure about what I don’t want. The million dollar question of becoming an adult – what do you want? Because life is what you make it and you can have anything you want if you work hard enough – right? And the only thing YOU have to figure out (before you can advance from step A to…


Search. And You Will Find.

Cherche et tu trouveras. Search and you will find. Simple, but so very true. PS: Random fact: I took 6 (or maybe 7?) years of French before college. I love the language. :) image credits: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5


People Will Forget What You Say…

“People will forget what you say, forget what you do, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” This is one of the quotes my mom has always preached. In her eyes, being nice to everyone, no matter what, was maybe even more important than making good grades or Varsity Cheerleading. She was always more concerned about the way we treated others, especially those that weren’t in our close friend…


When You Get Jealous

I know...much easier said than done. But I got to thinking and I'm curious, why do we do this? Why do we (willingly!) dig ourselves deeper and deeper into a dark black hole that only leads to lust for more more more! I need this. I want that. I want to be like her. She's got it all together- sigh.


Knowledge is Power

You win or lose by the things you chose. And it’s no secret that the more you know, the better you position yourself to make smarter and better decisions. As a 23-year-old fresh out of college, I’m at the very beginning of my adulthood and specifically, my career. Having only a few months of real world working experience under my belt, my “status” in the corporate/professional world is essentially not…


Perfect vs Good

Todays type Tuesday quote: “Don’t let the perfect be the evil of the good.” – a pretty good one, don’t you think? I’m sure that depending on the day, this could mean a number of things to me. But right now, it brings to mind the ever-so-dreadful experience that is writer’s block. I often have exciting and what-seem-to-maybe-be great ideas that get stuck between my brain and my fingers. In…