Motivation - July 2, 2013

Perfect vs Good

good vs perfect quote via brightontheday

Todays type Tuesday quote: “Don’t let the perfect be the evil of the good.” – a pretty good one, don’t you think?

I’m sure that depending on the day, this could mean a number of things to me. But right now, it brings to mind the ever-so-dreadful experience that is writer’s block. I often have exciting and what-seem-to-maybe-be great ideas that get stuck between my brain and my fingers. In other words, these thoughts never get the opportunity to, so to say, come alive. The words will be on the tip of my tongue (or usually, my mind since I don’t talk as I type!), but I can’t get them out “just right”. So in the meantime, the idea and my motivation and willingness to explore it sort of wither away. How annoying is that? I know we’ve all experienced this feeling in some way or another and can agree that it’s not fun. Nope, not fun at all. Well, “it made sense in my head…” is probably the most common indicator of this phenomenon and a phrase we can hopefully all relate to or have heard.

My mom has always told me, “just get it down on paper. You can fix it later.” And I literally hear her saying this each and every time I find myself pausing too long between sentences or placing too much emphasis on how my thoughts spit out, rather than focusing on actually getting them out of my head. That’s the hardest part for me!

All in all, this quote rocks. And we could all use a little reminder that something is better than nothing, messy progress is better than no progress, and done is usually way better (and more rewarding!) than perfect.

Have a lovely Tuesday!

Image credit: a fabulous fete