How to Dress Spring-y When it’s Still Cold

I love all the spring vibes happening and fun pieces to shop, but let’s be real, it’s still pretty freaking cold out. At least in Dallas! It actually rained for a week straight recently, which isn’t the best weather for a spring floral dress ya know what I’m sayin? It’s a ‘transition month’ as I like to call them, and while we all want to be wearing all the spring…


3 Spring Essentials to Have in Your Closet This Season

Spring isn’t officially here for a few more weeks, but it’s definitely time to start prepping your closet for it! Maybe it’s because so many people shop fast on Instagram, but things seem to sell out SO fast these days – especially with new seasonal clothing. So I’m getting ready a little early. If you are too, I wanted to put together the essentials that you’ll REALLY want in your…


Dreaming of Sunshine & Warmer Temps: Vacation Picks

Okay, I know it's been freezing the past couple of weeks, but is anyone else shopping for swimwear?! There have been so many cute swim suits popping up on Nordstrom I couldn't help but round them up for y'all. I'm definitely loving the one piece styles this season. Whether you're going somewhere tropical for spring break or just working on getting your beach bod ready for summer, these should be waiting for you in your closet!


Snappy Casual – White Blazer & Comfy Culottes

Today's outfit is one of my favorites as of late - it's a little different than my usual getup in that it's a little more "snappy" (is that a word? I mean like "dressed up"? I guess). But whatever the case, I LOVE it. I usually put together my outfits by starting with one item and then building a look around it, considering the weather, occasion and what I'll be up to. So for this look, I wanted to experiment with color and tried a few different tops - instead of just going for the obvious: aka white. I could have easily paired a white silk tank with these pant sand it would have looked great (right?). But I wanted to challenge myself - I've been doing that a lot lately and it's been fun.


The Skirt You’re Going To See Everywhere This Season

You've probably noticed that the ruffle skirt has become one of the most popular and statement making pieces this season. It took me a little bit to find the perfect one to go with everything, but now that I have I'm obsessed. This trend is such a fun twist on feminine pieces in your wardrobe. And it's definitely here to stay, it's been all over the runways which tells us it will be here all year round. The ruffle skirt is also quite versatile. You can dress it up with a crisp blouse or down with a fun graphic tee like I did! I love the flirty yet polished look of this skirt, and can't wait to find new ways to wear it.

How To Wear

How to Style Cropped Flares

Flared denim is back, y'all. It's crazy, but it's a THING. I know we've been seeing long, flared denim on the scene for the past few seasons. BUT now. Now, we've got flared, CROPPED denim. And I'm not gonna lie, I sort of hated it at first (#confessions). But I've slowly and gradually warmed up to it and am now sporting my very first pair on BTD today for y'all. (woop!)


5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Spring Look

Spring always makes me itch for change: a new haircut, a wardrobe update or even rearranging furniture - yes, even after I just moved in. Blooming blossoms just have that effect on me apparently! How about y'all? Same boat or nah? I know we're already a few weeks (okay, maybe even a month) into Spring, but I wanted to share some easy ways to freshen things up!


Sunshine, Gingham & Dallas LTK Wall Mural

How cute is the new wall mural in uptown Dallas?! It’s right outside Standard Pour in Uptown if you want to stop by and take a photo while you’re in the area. I love how colorful it is :) I wanted to share this dress with y’all because I feel like everything about it screams Spring & Summer:: the cute peplum sleeve, the gingham, and even the classic gingham…


Bloglovin x BTD: Shop all Things Ruffles

  I shared my 8 favorite spring trends a few week ago, but I think the one I’m most excited about for the season (other than the major comeback of all things pink) is all the feminine ruffles I’ve been seeing everywhere. Have y’all noticed?! They’re totally a “thing” right now and I think ruffles and frilly details are for sure-skis here to stay – at least into summer! I’m…


How to Style a Slip Dress

Lately, I've been noticing slip dresses everywhere and have been falling more and more in love with them. So I was excited when Splendid wanted to work together for Spring and had one of them in their newest collection. My eyes went STRAIGHT to it and instantly I knew which piece I wanted to style for the collaboration. All that to say, I'm super stoked to have this navy slip dress for spring and can't wait to wear it all season long. No joke, I've already worn it 3x this week. Unlike wearing jeans or any top-and-bottom outfit, it's SUCH an easy throw on and easy to style different ways. So with them rising in popularity and me having just added one to my wardrobe, it only seemed fitting to talk about how to style a slip dress for today's blog post. I hope you enjoy! :)


What to Wear to a Baseball Game

With baseball season coming up, some of my friends have been throwing out dates to go to a game. Since I'm sure a lot of you are in the same boat (or are forced to go to games thanks to a dude in your life) I thought I'd share one of my favorite looks for a game - specifically baseball to stay seasonal! This "get up" is, in my humble opinion, is the perfect look for a game.


How to Make Your Office Attire Spring Friendly

As I'm trying to do more office wear content for you guys, I thought I'd channel some of my love and enthusiasm for Spring and putting together Spring-inspired outfits into some looks for the office. I've been getting a lot of feedback on all of this professional wear content (like here and here), so I'm glad y'all are getting use out of it! I obviously don't have a real office to go to each day, but I can absolutely put together something really cute that would work. Slash is it weird that sometimes I wish I could go into an office just to put professional looks together? I definitely miss the challenge of putting together an office-worthy look each day - not gonna lie!


The Silk Neck Tie

Hello friends! I'm back again today with the third and final way I've styled this simple striped tee this week! We started out this week with a classic yet stylish sleeveless trench that you could wear to the office, then talked about Parisian style (pairing the tee with a midi skirt), and lastly today I'm styling it with a silk neck tie and boyfriend jeans. I've had so much fun this week sharing these three looks and if y'all like this idea - of styling one key piece three ways - let me know and I'm happy to do more of it!


How to Dress Like a Parisian

Parisian girls seems to have it all - have y'all ever noticed that? The effortless, cool girl look that is just as sophisticated as it is laidback. And, they all seem totally confident in their attitude. We all covet this, but a lot of times when I try to copy it I can’t seem to shake the feeling that I’m still trying too hard. (You should have seen me getting ready for my Paris trip, lulz right there). But what I’ve learned about this 'Parisian girl' look - especially during my time in Paris - is that it’s all about comfort and confidence. It’s about mixing high with low, and rocking it because you know you look totally fab. After some serious stalking of Parisian style icons like Isabel Marant and Emmanuelle Alt, the editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris (so of course she has crazy good style), and all the street style, I’ve figured out what makes French-Girl style so timelessly...amazing!


Spring Work Wear Essential: The Sleeveless Trench

For my recent trip to Paris, I tried to be smart about how and what I brought with me. And if you saw, I shared some of packing tips with you last week! That being said, I spent some time brainstorming ways to make the most out of every item I packed in my suitcase all the while thinking of content ideas that I could share with y’all. With Parisian style staples on my mind, I was inspired to style a simple striped tee multiple ways. My original plan was to shoot the looks in Paris (obviously, since I brought and wore them!), but the rain sort of killed that plan. But I was so excited about the idea (one piece 3 ways) that I committed to shooting the looks right when I got back to Dallas, so I could share them with y'all.


Why I Love My City + Finding New Ways To Rediscover Yours

Have y’all ever stopped to think about how well you really know your city? It might sound silly (probably does), but lately, I’ve realized that while I obviously know Dallas well, I really only know the bubble that I move around in. Obviously that involves my neighborhood and all the places I go weekly (shops, restaurants, etc.), but even when I am trying something new, it’s usually within the same…


How to Incorporate Trends at Work

Hey y'all! Thanks for the comments regarding business casual attire on this post. I'm so freaking excited about all the business casual content I have coming your way! I used to work as a CPA and can remember the struggle of finding inspiration online (let alone figuring out what to wear to an interview UGH), and I'm really hoping to be that source for you guys.


Peasant Top and Flatforms

If you've been paying attention so far this spring, then you've probably noticed that "flatforms" are ALL the rage. I mean, they're literally everywhere. It's funny because I can remember back in 2014 (when I used to work for my mom) seeing them everywhere at Micam, which is the big Italian shoe trade show they hold a few times a year. And typically, Europe is a few seasons ahead of the U.S. so it makes sense that they'd be a huge hit about 2 years ago in the European markets. It's so funny how fashion works sometimes.