Style - February 28, 2018

Spring Trends I’m Excited About

spring 2018 trends - pastel hues, pink on pink monochromatic outfit

I actually can’t believe it’s been a year since we were in Paris talking about spring trends last year, like WHAT?! I love doing these seasonal trends posts, and I hope y’all like them too! I think it’s safe to say that I wore my fair share of ruffles last year, along with statement sleeves, mules, and cold-shoulders from last year’s post – and I’m excited for what’s to come in Spring ’18.

Just a reminder, the fashion month that you’re seeing happen on social media (if you follow a lot of bloggers) is showcasing Fall ’18, not Spring, which was showcased back in September. I know that’s a little confusing, but wanted to call it out in case you’re like “wait, I was seeing X trend and Brighton isn’t mentioning it”. Ha! This post is all about what to wear THIS SPRING!

I freaking love spring and how fresh it always feels, especially after a few months of drab winter ya know? So, I’ll get right to it – the Spring 2018 trends I’m shopping for now.

Pastels & Bold Hues

Pastels kinda scream spring, but if you think about it, we haven’t actually had pastels trending in a while! Lilac and lavender, sea foam green, light pink, baby blue – look for these hues as you’re shopping for spring. We’ll also see monochrome bright, saturated hues like hot pink, bright orange, etc. Heading into summer, we’ll see a lot more bright pastels and colors like burnt orange and mustard yellow – in case you’re shopping for both seasons now! I think these colors are all really pretty, so I’ve been stocking up on pastels! Excited to finally have color back!

If you follow me on IG stories, then you saw I talked about how lately I’ve been obsessed with all things lavender. I think I’ve ordered 3+ tops in the past 2 weeks alone – I just can’t get enough! I was deciding between three, but I’m thinking this one ($68) is my favorite so far! And then I’ve been wearing this off-the-shoulder one (with my sports bra if you follow on stories) nonstop lately. It’s so comfy and is long enough to wear with leggings if you want!

And speaking of BOLD colors, I just got this red (the PERFECT shade!) dress with the cutest little ruffles (I love that it has sleeves) for $55 and plan on wearing it to brunch this Saturday. It also comes in white!

Mixing & Matching Patterns

This one is gonna be fun, y’all. We were mixing patterns a few years back, but this time the mixtures are a little different. Think checks matched with thick, bold stripes. Or really soft florals mixed in too. Even stars and stripes for lots of Americana which will be fun as summer comes, too. I always  think this is a really chic look when done right, so I’m happy to see it back. If you’re trying to dip your toes here, keep the two patterns neutral colored and muted – nothing too loud.

90s Vibes Continued

The 90s vibes aren’t going anywhere, so look for lots of that decade to come out this spring. Think floral dresses over white t-shirts, sheer numbers, velvet everything, mom jeans and shorts, cropped shirts, chokers, etc. Let’s just hope the small eyebrows and crazy lip liner doesn’t come back LOL – cuz I ain’t going there! Since this style is pretty trendy, I’ll look for places like H&M and Forever21 for the bulk of this trend. It’s fun for now, but I have a feeling it won’t last TOO long.

All The Sheer Things

Like I mentioned with the 90s style staying put, have fun with sheer this season. Whether I’m ready for it or not, sheer is here and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. LOL – it’s actually one of the trends I haven’t been too excited about because I feel like it’s pretty OUT there for the most part.  But I’m excited to see how designers incorporate it into their pieces this season. Sheer is feminine and pretty and I’ve always been a fan! Think a sheer floral dress over a slip dress. Or sheer tops with a little cami underneath tucked into jeans. Or cutouts that are sheer. It’s a little flirty and just fun!


You’re going to see fringe on everythingggg this spring so if you’re a fan of the 70s-inspired embellishment, you’ll be happy! Fringe dresses, jackets, pants, purses – it’s on everything. It adds a bit of statement with just a small detail, and I think it’s cool. The fringe this year will be longer too, like lengthy, thin piece of fabric.


We’re seeing a lot of sequins this spring which is kinda surprising and I like it! I’ve been seeing a lot of sequin fringe too which is perfect for a night out or when you’re feeling sassy. Stick to pastel hues or lighter shades when wearing sequin, so it won’t feel like a New Year’s Eve outfit. Save the gold, red, black, etc for the holidays!


OK, so this isn’t a trend I’m FULLY behind yet but I’m intrigued, so I wanted to include. This is also VERY 90s to me. Have you seen the clear/plastic trend coats or shoes or purses? Well, get ready to see a LOT more. We’ll see plastic in the form of clothing AND accessories this spring, so if you’re into it, get excited. Stay tuned to see if I actually wear this trend. I think I’ll start with a purse and see how it feels… #TBD


Move over stripes, checks are officially the print of 2018. You’ve probably seen checkered oversized blazers on your Instagram feed, and these checks are making their way to all different pieces. I have my eye on a few checkered dresses and even some pants. Forever21 has some awesome affordable options, and designers like Victoria Beckham are making pretty pieces too.

And a few other trends I’ve seen that I’m excited about as well:

  • Mini bucket bags & wovens too!
  • High-waisted trousers & printed pants
  • Rainbow stripes as accents or even full-on sweaters and tees
  • Paper bag shorts – I think that’s what they’re called? lol. I got a few pairs to try and I’m really excited because I think they’re super flattering! I got these and these – stay tuned :)
spring 2018 trends - pastel hues, pink on pink monochromatic outfit

Outfit Details: Pink sweater // Remi pants (wearing size 00 for reference – I love how their pants fit!)