Style - March 3, 2017

8 Spring 2017 Trends I’m Excited About

brighton keller styling spring 2017 trends in the streets of Paris
brighton keller wearing boyfriend jeans with satin flare sleeve top
brighton keller styling spring 2017 trends in the streets of Paris
brighton keller wearing boyfriend jeans and pumps with satin flare sleeve top
brighton keller wearing boyfriend jeans with satin flare sleeve top
brighton keller wearing boyfriend jeans with satin flare sleeve top
brighton keller wearing satin ruffle sleeve top with boyfriend jeans and black pumps

With temps starting to (finally!) rise and all the fresh arrivals online and in store, I’ve got all things SPRING on my mind. It’s always about this time each year when I’m SO over Winter and do a happy dance each time the sun comes out :) As such, I’ve been getting super excited about all the new Spring “looks” and trends to try out this year.

I’m not usually into the super trendy vibe, but I do however like to try new things, challenge myself, and experiment a bit with my daily style and outfits. And obviously being a fashion blogger, it’s sort of my job to stay on top of trends – or at least be familiar with them! Whether that means incorporating them into my wardrobe or simply sharing the what’s-hot-now with y’all, I’ve actually come to love this aspect of my job. But to be honest, it’s definitely more of a recent love and something I’ve more so grown to enjoy rather than something I grew up loving (aka trend-reporting and styling).

I was at NYFW for a couple days in Feb, and am now at Paris Fashion Week, you know…scoping the scene. This is my first time at PFW and I’m really just here to enjoy Paris and get a feel for how things work rather than specifically being here to **attend** PFW. In fact, it was actually a very last-minute decision only after my friend Elizabeth (see snaps + insta stories) told me she was going and was like, hey do you want to come to Paris?? UM YEAH. So here we are – woohoo!

Anyway, back to trends. Although these shows are actually showcasing FALL 2017 looks, I’m getting insight on all of this year’s trends. Even going to the shows or seeing street style from all these stylish people, I’m having so much fun deciding which trends I’ll incorporate and which I’ll leave to the serious fashionistas (like REALLY baggy jeans and other weird **ish** like that. sorry. but. I just can’t).

Here are 8 Spring 2017 trends that I’m totes looking forward to:

1. Ruffles, ruffles, ruffles

Ruffles add the perfect girly touch to any outfit, am I right? From a playful ruffled skirt, to an understated tee with ruffled sleeves, they bring a sophisticated touch to any item – no matter how casual!

2. Mules and slip ons

When I first saw the mule trend, I thought they were sorta grandma-ish, anyone else? But now I’m convinced mules are the perfect spring shoe for a number of reasons. For warm days and cooler nights, they keep your toes warm and protected without being as restrictive as flats or loafers – making them the perfect transitional shoe from. Another reason I love slip-ons? They can be dressed up as easily as they can be dressed down, which makes them a wardrobe staple and trend I see sticking around for the long haul. And, comfort. So. damn. comfy.

3. Cold-shoulder and ONE shoulder

While some may think off the shoulder in general is sooo last summer, the one-shoulder look is totally making a comeback. Maybe this is our way of not FULLY letting go of last year’s very popular trend?! I’m not sure I can pull this look off, but sleek, one shoulder bodysuits with figure-hugging cuts are popping up everywhere – and not just on Kendall Jenner, y’all these days and look great paired with jeans. Maybe I’ll feel spicier in 2017 and give it a go?

4. Statement sleeves

Statement sleeves, of ALL shapes and sizes, are totally on trend right now and are the perfect piece for the late winter into the early summer months. A tailored and crisp shirt with bell sleeves gives what would normally be a boring shirt bohemian flare or a slice of attitude. And y’all know I like a little attitude, lulz…

5. Khaki and light weight military jackets

Did you know green is the actual color of 2017? Yup. Olive green jackets have been in style for a while, but 2017 takes it up a notch with more military vibes. Also, khaki is back. Paired with a white tee and jeans, or over a t-shirt dress, you can’t go wrong with this look.

6. Thick, vibrant stripes

I think you can argue that stripes never really go out of style, but this year we have been seeing stripes in a much bolder fashion than the more traditional nautical style stripes. These days, we are coveting LOUD stripes: multicolor, thick stripes, mismatch stripes and contrasting stripes…you name it. Embrace the bold, people!

7. Fun, Overstated accessories

I’m a BIG fan of statement accessories—they can elevate ANY outfit. Now that sunnier days are ahead of us, I’m glad that statement sunglasses are back on the radar. Think any color, any shape, the bigger the better.

Funky earrings and busy (little, actually TINY) purses are also all the rage. How fun is this one?!

8. Bomber jackets

Bomber jackets aren’t a brand new trend, but it’s definitely another one that’s here to stay. From a collegiate wool bomber jacket paired with jeans and sneakers to a sateen bomber worn over a leather skirt and white tee, these may be the most versatile jackets around! I basically live in bombers lately.

OK y’all, what’s your favorite 2017 trend? Anything you’re hating? Anything I missed? Let’s chat.

Outfit Details: Bell sleeve top ($39! wearing size XS) // CoH Boyfriend Jeans (warning:: these are expensive, but ugh the fit is just so good**!) // Prada pumps (budget-friendly version here) // Celine bag

**I’ve had the hardest time finding boyfriend jeans that look ‘okay’ on me and these have been the only ones that seem to pass the test! So yes, I splurged!