What To Do When You’re Having a Meh Day

Let’s face it, y’all – “MEH” slash OFF days happen to us all. Heck, lately I’ve been having more OFF days than I’ve had ON days if I’m being honest. Everything from bad moods, exhaustion, hormones, or something completely silly can make a normal day go meh, am I right?? I think the biggest culprit for me is not getting enough sleep and then that starts to snowball into other…


How to be awesome

In an effort to brainwash myself into getting my life together (…been on the #hotmess express lately), I decided I needed to make a list – a super list of qualities that I should try and aspire to be (in my dreams or whatever). No but really, if there was an ideal kind of awesomeness, what would it look like? In other words, I wanted to put some serious, uninterrupted…


Perfect vs Good

Todays type Tuesday quote: “Don’t let the perfect be the evil of the good.” – a pretty good one, don’t you think? I’m sure that depending on the day, this could mean a number of things to me. But right now, it brings to mind the ever-so-dreadful experience that is writer’s block. I often have exciting and what-seem-to-maybe-be great ideas that get stuck between my brain and my fingers. In…