Faith - April 17, 2015

Intentions: BTD Misson Statement and Stuff


Putting Brighton The Day in A Box

After writing Sunday’s post about branching out into non-fashion content, it got me thinking about WHAT I wanted this little corner of the internet to be. What do I want to do for you (my readers) and what purpose do I want to serve. This sounds like a simple question, but it’s really not. It kind of puts a lot of pressure on me and makes me feel like I have to put myself in a box. Well, the truth is that I’ve been blogging for over 2 years now and whether or not I’m willing to admit it or not, Brighton The Day is inevitably put in some kind of box. It’s how our brains work. And so even though I might hope or want it to grow into something else, I can’t deny the fact that it has certainly been characterized as something by everyone else (despite me not coming to terms with it).

So what box has Brighton the day fit in? Looking at the majority of my posts, I’d say it’s a place where people come for outfit inspiration. I think some people come to get ideas about how to mix stuff they already have as well as look for things they might want to purchase or invest in. Either way, it’s been a place almost strictly devoted to outfits consisting of pictures of myself and then text detailing where to get the exact look. I used to occasionally write about other stuff (like quotes and interiors), but all that kind of faded away recently and this space became all about outfits. It’s not a bad thing – it’s just what BTD has become.

And I’m actually totally fine with it. Besides, outfit posts generate revenue and all those other kinds of post are just….without potential – random ramblings of the crazy mind of Brighton Keller. But I’ve revisited these thoughts recently.

Let’s Make This Box a Little Bigger, Shall We?

It all started after posting a few personal posts on my Instagram account. And I got all these comments and people coming out of the wood work like woah! And I’m thinking, who are these people? And where have they been all this time? Holy cow, these people actually care about all those paragraphs I just wrote? Better yet, they actually read it?! OH, wow!

So I started to wonder if I should share more on my blog. I started to wonder if people wanted to hear more….and if those are the same people who visit/follow for my outfits? It’s a little confusing – probably both for you and me. Right?

For months, I dismissed it. I reasoned that Instagram is meant to be more personal and that my blog is strictly a fashion blog and that people only follow me for the fashion. But then after I posted THIS post, I started wondering. Maybe people like that I occasionally talk about other stuff? Maybe that’s why they like my sense of style? Not because I’m 5 foot 2 or because I put a pink top with white jeans but because of the girl that is IN the clothes. Maybe they like what I wear because of who I am? Wait, WUT? No way.

What kind of ‘place’ do I want Brighton The Day Blog to be?

I’ve come of with a list of things I want to do…


And lastly, I promise to be honest and open with you, admitting my flaws. I don’t have it all together, but I do strive to live a joy-filled life that pleases the Lord. And I hope to inspire you to do the same!

Here’s what you can (tentatively) expect:

Blog Posts Wise:

  1. AT LEAST 4 outfit posts a week. But maybe even up to 7 some weeks…if I happen to bribe someone into taking photos of all the outfit ideas I have…(it all rests on finding someone to take the photos!)
  2. AT LEAST 1 Sales & Markdowns post a week
  3. Trend Round Up (AT LEAST) 2x a month – these are the posts where I round up things like nude wedges or swimsuits or crop tops, etc.
  4. AT LEAST 1 personal post a month (but I often share more on my instagram if you follow me there)
  5. AT LEAST 1 scripture each month (for now, I’m not sure how I want to structure this yet!)
  6. AT LEAST 1 beauty/hair post each quarter – maybe I’ll start figuring out how to do a video or tutorial? yikes that scares me.

Other Stuff Wise:

  1. AT LEAST 1 email a week if you’re signed up – still haven’t figured out how I want to organize my newsletters
  2. AT LEAST 1 instagram a day (although my goal is to share 2 to 3 times a day!)
  3. Constantly updating the shop categories on the BTD shop page! And taking suggestions too…

Okay, that’s all I’ve got for now but it’s at least a start. And I’m thinking I’ll change and modify it as I hear back from y’all and/or see how you respond to it. But it does feel good to set some goals. And PLEASE please (please!) any feedback would be much appreciated!