Fitness - January 30, 2019

Q1 2019 BTD Beats Playlist + Cute Workout Wear

athleisure outfit blush pink bag 2
athleisure outfit blush pink bag 2
athleisure outfit blush pink bag 2

We are coming to the end of January (I know, CRAZY), so it feels like a good time to release my Quarter One playlist for Team BTD. If you’re new around here, each quarter I release a new playlist with all the songs I’m listening to throughout the quarter! If you’ve been following along for a bit, then you know that these playlists are about as random as it gets!

My listening habits are funny in that I don’t like to listen by genre, necessarily; I really like to have all sorts of songs and be surprised each time a new one comes on! But I’d say I use this playlist mostly for working, running errands, cleaning up around the house or just as background while cooking, etc. I don’t have a workout playlist right now because I’ve been taking classes, rather than working out on my own!

Outfit Details:

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In addition to share this quarter’s playlist, I wanted to also share some cute workout clothes I’ve either had my eye on or have added to my collection!