Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - July 16, 2019

NSALE: Picks for Him

Yay y’all I am so excited! This is actually the first year that I have ACTUALLY shopped the NSALE with a boy to shop for. And it makes all the difference!

Full disclosure, I almost don’t even want to share what we got because it’s so good, lol I don’t want a bunch of clones running around. You know what I mean? Like when you find something so good that you don’t want to share the deets because you want it just for yourself? Yep, that’s where I’m at with what we got my boyfriend this year! But don’t worry, I’m going to share ALL the deets and tell y’all EXACTLY what we got!

Okay so I haven’t really talked about this on stories at all  (so you’re getting VIP status here on the blog) but my boyfriend just recently got a NEW job. I’m SUPER excited for him!

So with that, he naturally needs a few new big boy items, right?! I thought so too.

He really needed some dress slacks, sports coats, and a new suit. And then we got a few other more causal items as well. And then there are a few other things I picked out that we’re still considering (and I’ll share those as well!)

It feels weird writing about my boyfriend’s measurements, but if you’re shopping for your husband/man/boyfriend/dad/whatever it might be helpful. So he’s 6′ 2″, 180 lbs (I think), and wears a size 33-34 waist and 40 regular blazer. In Mizzen+Main slim cut, he wears size large but in Peter Millar golf shirts, he wears size medium. He wears a large short in Lululemon and large shirt too. Does this help?! Let me know if you have any more questions!

Sports Coats

So I went into the sale FOR SURE thinking we’d get him these Peter Millar sports coats that I picked out (like this one or this one). I was super excited about them! But when we tried them on, we weren’t overly impressed. And they just didn’t really fit him very well.

BUT THEN, we tried on Ted Baker (which I didn’t like online) and it was END OF STORY. Because I was SOLD and OBSESSED. And it was this moment that I realized shopping for him was my new THING. I don’t know if it’s because men’s clothes are so much simpler or because he just looks to stinkin’ cute in everything, but I had way more fun shopping for him. But also, I feel like the DEALS are like 1000% better?! And the stuff doesn’t sell out on literally day one (so annoying). Anyway, let’s get into our picks!

Item: Ted Baker Jay Slim Fit Plaid Wood Sport Coat [Grey – although I loved all 3 options]
Sizing: Fit true to size, slimmer fit
Price: $433.90, marked down from $648

We tried on like 8 of them but ended up liking all the Ted Baker sports coats the most. I totally thought we were going to buy one of those Peter Millar ones (that I talked about above), but I was wrong. Ted Baker for the WIN!

I didn’t know this, but Peter Millar fits a little bigger than Ted Baker and Boss. I’m learning. And he looks better in a slimmer cut. Plus, I really LOVED the prints and they matched what we’d already picked up at Brooks Brothers and stuff he already has in his closet.

laughing at the quality of these photos, but I wasn’t planning on using these for anything! But when I was writing this post I remembered I had them on my phone and thought why not pop them in here for reference! 

Navy Sports Coat

Item: Boss Hutsons Slim Fit Wool Blazer
Sizing: Fit true to size, slimmer fit
Price: $397.90, marked down from $595

He really needed a simple navy blazer to wear with slacks, jeans, or other dress pants when not wearing a suit. We tried on a few, but our favorite BY FAR was this one by Hugo Boss. Anyway, I love the color blue – it’s a little different than your usual navy blazer that you see everywhere. And the slim fit is PERFECTION.

Classic Suits

He also needed a new suit. We tried on like 5 or 6 of them and ended up going with two that we loved A LOT.

Item: Ted Baker Jay Trim Fit Plaid Wool Suit
Sizing: Fit true to size, slimmer fit (needed subtle alternations on the sides)
Price: $533, marked down from$798

We got this subtle plaid one by Ted Baker (you gotta see it in person). It’s super pretty and has the subtlest little berry/Burgundy plaid detailing. But you can really only see it when you look closely. We were between this one and this other one but decided that this was the more subtle and more classic option.  We chose the first one because the plaid was more subtle. For some reason, the plaid in the other one was just a little more loud when you put it on – you can sort of tell when you click on it. But just trust me, the one we got is GOOD. And it fit him true to size.

Item: Peter Millar Flynn Classic Fit Wool Suit
Sizing: Fit true to size, classic fit so he is getting it tailored to have a more slim cut
Price: $498.90, marked down from $745

I KNEW I wanted him to get this blue Peter Millar suit from before we even went into the store. I am OBSESSED with the color  – it’s different than any other blue suit I’ve ever seen. It’s got just the right amount of sheen but not too much to where it’s like showy. But also it’s not boring or basic like other navy/blue suits. And after doing some research,  there are no other brands that currently have a similar option in this beautiful blue. So we decided to get it and then just get it tailored because, like I mentioned above, Peter Millar fits him a little boxy. I’M SO EXCITED FOR  him to wear this one to weddings with a pretty pink tie (#swoon).

Casual Jackets

He also needed a casual jacket. Like not as heavy as a Barbour (although he needs one of those too eventually), but something to wear over a sweater. In fact, this would be a jacket he’d wear OVER a sweater when he needs something less warm than a Barbour or other kind of overcoat. You know what I mean?

Item: Rodd & Gunn Armitage Herrington Jacket
Sizing: Fits a little big, he sized down to medium
Price: $179, marked down from $278

Item: Patagonia Nano Puff
Sizing: Fits true to size, he has size large
Price: $148, marked down from $199

And right now the only option he has is this Patagonia puffer in navy (also ON SALE!) – which we love, but I want him to have something not so sporty, you know? So we found this khaki one by one of  our FAVORITE brands, Rodd & Gun and I’m so excited about it! I love the color and the cut is so cute on him! He got size medium for reference.

Dress Slacks

He needed just some basic slacks that were flattering. He tried on these by Ted Baker and we were sold. He got them in three colors – they’re great!


We haven’t bought this belt yet, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to order this one online!

still looking around to see if there are other things to keep an eye out but this is just what we loved! Hope y’all find this helpful!