Lifestyle - December 13, 2022

My Favorite Festive Cocktails

It’s that time of year again! I’ve been playing around with some cocktail recipes as we prepare for holiday parties and dinners in the coming weeks. I’m really excited that this year I’ll be able to enjoy a cocktail here and there (last year, I was pregnant with Blake).

It’s so fun to try festive cocktail recipes during the holidays that I wouldn’t necessarily drink any other time of the year. For instance, Duncan loves having an Old Fashioned whenever we visit Aspen after a day of skiing during the winter months, and this holiday version looks even better than the original.

I also really want to try this Christmas morning mimosa this year. We love making a big breakfast on Christmas day and spending the morning around the table, opening gifts and spending time together.

Below are a few other holiday cocktail recipes that I’m hoping to try this season. Hope you can try some yourself!

Irish Cream Liqueur

brighton butler favorite cocktails

The Modern Proper

I’m usually more of a fruity cocktail girl, but this Irish cream liqueur has me drooling. I might try making this one day for just Duncan and myself after dinner. It’s giving me serious dessert vibes!

Christmas Morning Mimosa

brighton butler favorite cocktails

How Sweet Eats

Like I said, I plan to try this out on Christmas morning. We’ll do a big breakfast with casseroles, french toast, fruit, etc., and we usually do coffee and regular mimosas. But I think this festive version looks even better, especially with the cranberries!

Winter Wonderland

brighton butler favorite cocktails

Town & Country

I love how simple this recipe is. The drink is literally 3 ingredients: vodka, peppermint schnapps, and chocolate liqueur. Then you just add red sugar and a candy cane and voilà! It’s such a cute and delicious-looking drink.

The New Old Fashioned Cocktail

brighton butler favorite cocktails

Cookie and Kate

I’m excited to make this for Duncan. He’s a big fan of an Old Fashioned, and there’s no better time to enjoy one than during the winter. I’m also really intrigued that this recipe calls for maple syrup instead of simple syrup. Can’t wait to give it a try!

Mulled Cider

brighton butler favorite cocktails

A Couple Cooks

This is the ultimate cold weather drink. I remember drinking (non-alcoholic) cider all the time growing up, so it has a special place in my heart. I’ve actually never had an alcoholic version, but it looks so good — especially on a super cold night!