Shopping - April 26, 2019

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day always sneaks up on me each year! But it’s RIGHT around the corner and so I thought I’d do everyone a favor and put together a little gift guide to help you start thinking (and shopping!) for yours!

What Is Something You Have and Love? Would She Love It Too?

Honestly, my mom is so hard to shop for because she literally has everything. So I typically just end up getting her something that I already have and love because I know she’ll love it too. Last year I got her a barefoot dreams cardigan because I live in mine while lounging around at home. Think of something you absolutely adore and think your mom might appreciate too (even if she doesn’t need it). And then if you get it for her, be sure to write a sweet note telling her that this is something you really love and wanted her to enjoy it too!

Another thing I’ve gotten my mom before is a pair of Hoka tennis shoes. She doesn’t necessarily *need* a new pair of tennis shoes, but I know she loves to walk (and so do I!) and I thought she’d appreciate a new cute pair of sneakers! And she did – she is now a loyal Hoka fan!

I know my mom and I both LOVE taking bubble baths. So I’ve always got her top of mind when I find new bath soaks, foaming baths (love this one by L’Occitane), or body scrubs that I like. So I’ve gotten her that before too and I know she uses it and love it! I honestly feel like I could write an entire additional blog post on. all the bath-time products I love because there are just so many good ones out there that make the entire experience better – like wine and books and a comfy robe too ha! But let’s move on for now – suffice it say that bath products are an excellent gift!

Another good idea is maybe to get your mom 3 beauty products that you’ve been loving recently! OH, or like a fun mask (or this one too!) y’all could do together!

What Does She Like To Do?

First, think about what your mama likes to do – exercise, garden, entertain, cook, read, watch TV, go to the spa? Most moms probably like 4 out of 6 of those things so it’s a safe bet to go with one of those hobbies if you can’t think of anything else.

So then think about something she might need for that hobby that she doesn’t already have or something that she does have but needs replacing or that would make that hobby more entertaining for her. For example, a fitness tracker for the fitness loving mom, a new cookbook or knife set for the chef mom, a new set of gardening tools for the green-thumb mom – just to name a few.

I have included a few general items in my gift guide that most moms would love but if none of these strike your interest you could always go for these ideas too:

  • Subscription to a monthly box like FabFitFun, Fabletics, Ipsy/Birchbox, etc.
  • Spa gift certificate (you could even tag along for some quality time!)
  • Gift card to her fave restaurant or bakery
  • Bottle of her fave fancy wine & flowers with a nice reusable vase

What Do You Love About Her?

I know it probably sounds cheesy, but if you can’t think of anything to buy her (or don’t have budget this month), then do something sentimental. I’ve done this for my mom before and I know she has really loved it. Simply get her a card (or make on!) and write out a list of all the little things you love about her.

Or maybe write out what you’re thankful for or some way she has really taken care of you that you haven’t necessarily thanked her for recently. I find that simply brainstorming a list of things you love about your mom really does spark some good vibes and maybe even ideas that you can show you HOW MUCH you do love and appreciate her this Mother’s Day. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box!

A few of my favorite items from the gift guide:

Jo Malone Perfume – I love this brand in general because there is such a wide selection of scents to choose from. All the scents are actually made to be layered too and if you don’t know which one will smell best on your mom – Nordstrom gives free sample sizes!

Striped Pajama Set – A high quality pajama set will be your mom’s favorite for YEARS to come. I know that I have my go-to pj’s and I can’t wait to jump into them when they are freshly cleaned! Give your mom a little rest and relaxation this Mother’s Day with this comfy (and cute!) set. Or I have this simple shorts set and love it!

Mom’s One Line A Day Book – Do you have a new mom in your life that you need a gift for? I know for my sis we can’t stop buying baby Keller stuff so this little book of memories for Coco to jot down once a day is so precious to look back on when she is older!

L’Occitane Gift Set – I am obsessed with this beauty brand and so are literally all the mom’s I know. It’s super high quality and all their products are made with mostly natural ingredients. There are lots of sets to choose from too if you feel like your mom would like a different scent or something anti-aging!