Beauty - June 11, 2018

5 Things Keeping My Skin Hydrated This Summer

I’ll be honest that I’ve been blessed with pretty regular skin. I don’t get a ton of breakouts and it honestly doesn’t give me TOO much of an issue, but y’all know I’ve been trying to take better care of it. Honestly, it not being too much of a problem area has made me lazy with it over the years – and I thought it was time to change that.

Other than working on anti-aging tactics that I’m pretty sure I’ll be very thankful for in about 15 years, I’m also tackling something else – moisture. If there is one thing my skin can give me a problem with, it’s dryness. And I notice that when I keep my skin really hydrated, it honestly looks so much better. Seriously! My makeup goes on way better and I just look…healthier? I’ve gotten kind of obsessed with staying hydrated, especially with lots of time in the sun lately. So today I’m sharing those things with y’all!

Tons of water

I know, it’s obvious, but it’s very much worth stating. I can not only feel my energy levels drop when I don’t drink enough, but it shows up on my skin within 48 hours (plus the headaches #ugh). Overall, if your skin is constantly looking dry, you probably aren’t drinking enough H20. Try chugging a couple glasses right when you wake up so that even if you have a busy day, you’re 2 glasses ahead right away. One before bed, too!

Water-dense foods

On top of drinking all the water, eat it! Foods like celery, cucumbers, grapefruit, and watermelon have high-water content and the best part is they’re all in season (and just yummy). Make it a point to incorporate a few of these choices into snacks or meals each day. This is especially helpful if you’re someone who doesn’t necessarily love drinking water. You can add cucumber to your water too for an extra boost – or my personal favorite, strawberry + lemon + cucumber.

Hyaluronic acid

As I’ve learned more about skincare and namely hydration, this ingredient KEPT coming up. Honestly, the word acid made me think of dry skin, but turns out I was totally wrong. It sounds fancy but it’s basically a humectant (aka a moisture-binding ingredient) that keeps skin moisturized. This ingredient is a major contributor to hydrated skin and I can’t recommend it enough. Especially if you have dry skin! To make sure I’m using this enough, I’ve been LOV-ING L’Occitane’s new line of Aqua Réotier products – many which have this magic ingredient. My mama has always been a fan of L’Occitane and now I’m following in her footsteps and obsessed. This line is just too good! If you have hydration issues like me, here are a few of their products I recommend!

  • Aqua Réotier Ultra Thirst-Quenching Gel: First off, this feels so freaking good. I swear it depuffs when I haven’t been getting enough sleep, but most of all, it’s literally magic. It has these little micro-bubbles that release fresh, moisturized, energized skin, and I can’t get enough. I put this on in the morning right after cleansing and my skin just soaks it up.

  • Aqua Réotier Ultra Thirst-Quenching Cream: Another L’Occtaine product with hyaluronic acid, and again, obsessed. I love putting this on after the gel if I’m not wearing makeup that day. Or, I’ll put on a layer right before bed and wake up so moisturized.

  • Aqua Réotier Fresh Moisturizing Mist: This comes with me at all times as is basically a travel-friendly way to boost your skin when you’re on the go. This is heavenly when you’re out in the sun and feeling hot and dry.

This line has a couple other really amazing hydrating products that I highly suggest checking out. You can probably tell I’m in love!


I’ve mentioned to y’all that I’ve started exfoliating a couple times a week and what a difference it makes. Not only does it make everything look more balanced, but it allows it to stay hydrated as well. Since I’m getting rid of dead skin, all of my products sink in way deeper aka hydrate! Definitely try it (gently) a couple times a week if you’re not already. Get ready to thank me because it’s skin-changing y’all.

Limit the booze and caffeine

Boring, I know, but these are two things that totally strip your skin of moisture. If you’re getting ready for an event or are on the dry skin bus, limit these throughout the week. At the least, have a couple glasses of water for every glass of wine or a cup of coffee.

I’d love to know how y’all keep your skin as hydrated as possible since I’m always game to try more. But for now, this system has really worked for me! Let me know if you have anything to add!

Outfit Details:: Dress (wearing size 0) // Sandals (fit TTS – see 3 more ways I styled them in this blog post! These are my go-to for Summer!