Reflections - November 7, 2018

I haven’t worked out in 6 weeks; Here’s how I’m getting back on the wagon

getting back on track working out

Ugh,  it’s true. I’ve totally and completely fallen off of the workout wagon.

Man, I was doing SO dang good too! But then came a few weekends of travel back to back and busy work schedules and life. You know how it goes. Even though we KNOW something feels great and that it’s making our life better, it falls off eventually. At least for me. I’ve really come to realize that for me, fitness comes in waves. There are times when it’ll naturally be more motivating and easy, and then times when it’s just not happening. Which is fine! What’s important is to keep getting back on the wagon, little by little. To not fully give up just because it didn’t happen for a while! And this is with any good habit, not just working out. It could be the same mindset for eating well, getting enough sleep, a self-care practice, whatever.

Since realizing this, it’s actually made me feel a lot better about this whole no-workout situation. I’m not beating myself up or giving up on it. Instead, I’m starting small. I don’t feel like going to a workout class or booking my schedule to the max with fitness – nope, I’m not there yet. Instead, I’m starting small, because I KNOW that’s what adds up to a bigger, stronger habit.

So do me and yourself a favor and release any guilt you have about falling off a good habit. And instead, start small with me! I’m going to share the ways I’m starting small relating to fitness, but know that you can do similar small changes with ANY habit.

Here’s how I’m getting back on the wagon, little by little:

  • Going to sleep by 10 p.m. If I’m tired, I’m much less likely to do anything productive the next day, like workout. It starts the night before!
  • Walk somewhere every day. This might be a full on 45 min walk around the block, or it might be 10 minutes down the street to get coffee.
  • Do 10 pushups and 50 crunches. I can do this in literally 2 minutes.
  • Put workout clothes on. I’m not forcing myself to do anything after that, but I usually find that this is one of the hardest steps! Once the clothes are on, I’m more likely to want to go out walking or turn on a workout video or whatever.

And that’s it!

but speaking of working out, cute clothes ALWAYS motivate me. Here are a few things I’m loving right now: