Style - August 23, 2019

How to Style Animal Print for the Office

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done a business casual post for y’all and today’s post has a fun little twist on it. I realized that one of the biggest trends right now, animal print, is easy for weekends or when you don’t work in corporate America – but if y’all do, it’s kinda tricky right? Someone tasked me with the idea of how to style animal print for work and I was super excited to try it out! I realize it’ll depend on how traditional your job is but for the most part, I think my picks and tips work for most!

Find a conservative silhouette

This isn’t the time to bring out the leopard bodysuit or anything crazy tight or even borderline inappropriate for work when it comes to the silhouette. Go for classy styles like a midi skirt or dress (like I did in these pics!), paper bag pants or trousers, a wrap dress, or a conservative blouse. Here are a few of my faves:

Pair it with something classic

When wearing animal print, you want the rest of your outfit to be very minimal and classic. I’d actually give this advice outside of work too. Pair it with neutrals like white, black, cream or camel – or gray if you’re doing a gray snakeskin look. And then go with similarly classic cuts of that neutral, instead of a one-shoulder look or something trendy.

Animal accessories

Accessories are always a smart answer for bringing in any trend you’re a little scared or unsure about. Same goes for animal! I really love an animal print accessory actually and regularly wear them in everyday life! There are SO many cute chic animal print bags (I’m especially into snakeskin right now!) or work-friendly shoes like slingbacks right now. I’m linking a bunch right here:

Choose a quieter print

Some animal print is really loud and some is more delicate or chic. Obviously you want to go chicer for the office. Skip anything like aggressively animal print or super bright colors and a wild print mixed together (like neon snakeskin).

OK y’all, hope you liked that spin on business casual! Is there another trend you want to see done for the office? Any styling requests in general??