Beauty - August 22, 2019

Favorite Hair Products Under $30 on Amazon

Y’all know how seriously I take my hair routine and I know how much you guys want to know every detail so I am throwing together this post that highlights my favorite (and CRUCIAL) items to use when styling my hair. Aside from my blow dryer, curling iron, shampoo and conditioner – these are really all the items I use to style my hair and they are all UNDER $30. I know buying all these different beauty items can get expensive and I wanted to show how you didn’t have to break the bank just to get a little oomph in your locks!

Hair Towel – I throw my hair up in this little turban before I’m ready to brush it out and style it. This towel is great for fine, delicate hair so it won’t cause breakage or pulling while also absorbing excess water before you blow dry.

Wet Brush – I use this brush to make sure I don’t damage my hair when it’s wet. Your hair is super elastic when wet so taking care to not cause breakage by using a brush made for wet hair is super important. This brush is literally a lifesaver for detangling hair and it brushes through my wet hair like BUTTER and better yet – it’s under $10. YASSSS!

Olivia Garden Round Brush – 2.75in – My prized possession and the item I would be lost without in the hair world (LOL I’m serious)…this round brush. The round brush you use to style your hair will make or break your hair’s volume game and this one has done my hair so much good. I like it because it has all plastic bristles and no boar/natural bristles. For some reason, I feel like the boar bristles tug at my hair way more and don’t glide through like the plastic on this brush ones do. I don’t know – this brush just works and I love that it is HUGE and gives me so much volume. Depending on your hair length, this brush comes in a plethora of sizes (and colors, yay!).

Alligator Clips – If you are new to the round brushing game and aren’t a pro yet at sectioning your hair off when styling – you need these bad boys. Plus they come in white which is just so on brand.

Hair Rollers – Getting volume while multitasking and doing something else is basically my favorite combo. So how do I do that? These rollers! If I’m in a rush, I will blow dry my hair quickly without much round brushing, throw in some hairspray and these rollers and go about doing something else while I let these rollers give me the volume I want. I also use these to refresh two or three day-old hair with new volume & life by adding some dry shampoo, and these rollers with a little blow dry action.

Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo – This is my holy-grail dry shampoo, from literally reviving my hair from a workout to giving my tons of volume with clean hair, I couldn’t live without a solid dry shampoo. I apply the dry shampoo and let it sit for a few minutes and then blow dry it in so all the white reside goes away and my hair looks like new! I also really like this one that is from the drugstore.

Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Powder – Finally, if I am looking for alot of va-va-volume in my hair, I will do a little spritz of this powder in my roots and really rub it in. It’s like teasing comb in a bottle! Obsessed.

Did any of this info help you? What is your favorite go-to hair product? Tell me down in the comments!