Life - January 16, 2019

How to Make Winter a Happier Season

how to make winter a happier season

I don’t like starting a post being negative, but it’s a fact of my life: Winter is my least favorite season. I’m pretty sure a lot of y’all feel that way too right? But since it’s a season that takes up 1/4 of our year every single year of our life, I’ve realized that being a grouch about it isn’t doing anything productive for myself. While it’ll never bring me the joy that fall does or feel as good as a summer day, I believe it’s all about finding happy moments in the season! That way I can focus on the good that comes with the season instead of writing it off as a time of year I don’t like.

If you also sorta kinda hate winter, maybe this will inspire you to try to find the good in too! Here are 6 ways I’m trying to make winter happier – or at least more enjoyable!

Focus on yourself

I understand that I don’t have kids and a husband and that I can still spend a lot of time focusing on me, but I’d challenge y’all to use this season to do more of you. With the new year as motivation, think of winter as the time to focus on all those lingering changes you want to make or things you want to do for yourself. Spend extra time journaling, reading more books, planning out goals, working out, getting better sleep, etc. Since there aren’t usually a ton of things on the cal after the holidays, it’s the perfect time don’t ya think?

Make a seasonal bucket list

For some reason, I get really inspired by bucket lists each season. Probably because I freaking LOVE lists! But I also think it makes you stop and think about what could be fun that season. For winter, maybe it’s going to a basketball game, going ice skating, doing a trip to the mountains with girlfriends, and so on. Find things that you can only do this season to make it feel more special!

Create a yearly selfless act

I’ve written before about the power of doing things for other people and I think it’s so so important. Whenever I’m in a funk or am being negative, I try to remember this tip. In my opinion, winter is the perfect time to set up a yearly volunteer thing – whether that’s doing something with your church like making Christmas wreaths or organizing a donation for warm clothing for the homeless, think of something that you can do for others this winter. Then, winter after winter, see if you can do that same thing and involve friends and family! Eventually, it’ll be something you can look forward to each winter.

Invest in clothes you actually want to wear

It took me way too many winters to realize that a cute denim jacket is not going to cut it for warmth. And neither will leggings and sneakers and a hoodie on a cold day. Nope. Somewhere in my mid-twenties I finally starting investing in winter clothes that actually keep me warm and are functional – and honestly, it changed the game for me. By having jackets that are weather appropriate and things like mittens for mornings walks and socks that actually keep my feet warm, dressing to go outside in weather isn’t as brutal. Same with finding a good pair of rainboots and pajamas that keep heat in, too!

Get a cozier routine (and mindset)

Whether it’s taking baths instead of showers a couple times a week, doing your morning journaling in front of a fire or around candles instead of at your desk, or whatever, try to see winter as the season to make things cozier. Instead of hating that it’s dark outside earlier, think of it as a time to spend more time in the kitchen baking. Or take advantage of it and get into bed earlier with a good book and prioritize sleep. Don’t try to force yourself to the gym when it’s freezing; find free YouTube workouts you like and do them from the comfort of your heated living room. Basically, try to shift your mindset AND your routine instead of looking at the negative.

Try new flavors

I honestly wasn’t a huge coffee person until I met #mysteryboy, but now I’m kind of obsessed. I  mean, I’ve ordered it for years, but I never took the time to learn about it or find my favorite kinds. I was always fine with whatever was served, and liked the stuff, didn’t love it. AND THEN EVERYTHING CHANGED. Now, I love trying new flavors and have even found a few bolder, spicier blends that feel like winter to me, and I’m seriously excited to make it every single morning. I’ll switch it up once spring hits too to keep things fun! Most coffee places even have special season blends that make things really easy too FYI!

Same thing with vegetables and seasonal food. Change things up! There are so many fruits and veggies that taste SO much better when they’re in season, so take advantage of that. Winter is great for Brussel sprouts roasted with a little honey and olive oil, and oranges and pomegranates are at their peak FYI!

K I’d love to hear what y’all like about winter, or at least how you make it more enjoyable! Let me know in the comments!