Lifestyle - May 22, 2018

My Summer Bucketlist

summer picnic spread, cheese and crackers, fruit and rose summer bucketlist

Not sure where my motivation has been lately, but I have just not been feelin’ it. But I posted my Summer bucket list on my Instagram Monday night and something about putting that together got me all excited. So I wanted to compile it into a blog post! Plus, I wanted to share the details from the picnic that Katie and I had last week. It was so much fun and actually, the picnic was all her idea! If you’re new to following along, Katie is my roommate.

summer picnic spread, cheese and crackers, fruit and rose

I really should have worn a different dress that day but this photo is so good so let’s just ignore the fact that you can see down my dress.

I’m not gonna lie, we went ALL out for this picnic! But Katie and I loved doing it together – it was fun to get really into it. I ordered the wood serving trays, blanket, and picnic basket from Nordstrom and I love how it all went together (both in reality and in the photos lol). I know I’ll for sure use all of it again – we’ve already talked about planning another fun picnic with our new roommate, Brooke!

If you’re interested in any of these items, I’ll link them for you at the end of the post so you can shop them, along with both of our outfits!

My Summer Bucket List So Far

1. Make my side porch situation cute
2. Try kickboxing – so many of my friends have started getting into kickboxing and I have yet to try it out for myself! I have a feeling I’ll be sore for like a week though once I do
3. Purge my closet, again – specifically swimsuits, PJs, and underwear. Ugh, why does this task always feel like it’s looming over my head? Oh wait, because it is. I just feel like I have so. much. stuff. and I really just want LESS. less of everything.
4. Go berry picking- not even sure if this is a thing in Dallas but I want to figure it out asap and get in on the action if so
5. Find a concert I want to see and go – I don’t really like going to big venue concerts though (unless George Strait – I’ll make an exception for him). So I want to see if there are any smaller, more intimate concerts going on this summer. I went and saw
6. Try a new coffee shop in Dallas – so many cute spots here!
7. Visit the farmers market – but first I need to find a few receipts I’m excited about!
8. Try a new BBQ spot – random but it made the list and because I freaking love BBQ!
9. Boil crawfish – probably not myself but with crawfish season slowly coming to an end, I’m due another 10 pounds and lots of cocktail sauce
10. Plan a trip (I’m not really a planner, but I want to go!)
11. Wakeboard – need to find a boat and a lake house first, but it’s possible. I miss it!
12. Fall asleep in the sun
13. Eat lots of watermelon – oh and I want to find a good watermelon salad recipe. I love it with feta and cucumber
14. Try a new Summer drink (which will be very easy to cross off asap)
15. Find a rope swing – and maybe a lake house too; that’d be nice!
16. Spend time on a boat – working on this one hardcore
17. Learn how to grill things on my grill I never use – slash never turned it on actually
18. Go to a museum (tentative, taking suggestions actually. If you’re a Dallasite, which is your fave?)
19. Spend an evening at Klyde Warren Park
20. Get a hammock and hang it somewhere
21. Taste a new type of wine
22. Tip 50% to make someone’s day
23. Make a summer playlist
24. Actually plan something for 4th of July (Update: I went to 30A with my family & friends!)
25. Read a NYT best seller

and I’m still working on a few more. I loved reading about what y’all hope to do this summer on my Instagram post.

Any of these jump out at you as something you want to do as well?

I should also add that I really want to figure out how to be the type of human that works out multiple times a week. I’ve been here 28 years and I’ve yet to figure that one out.

Picnic Details: