Lifestyle - January 12, 2019

7 Gadgets For Your Best Year Yet

I hope y’all know that my blog is here to serve content that motivates, inspires and encourages y’all to live brighter lives (or ‘Brighton Your Day’ if I’m being cheesy!). And sometimes I wonder, how can I do that best and in a quick way? Well, a few items help me do my job and life more effortlessly, so I thought it might be helpful if I shared a few with y’all today! I do truly use all of these items almost daily and they’re BTD approved!

Laptop Stand – Love this gadget! It props your laptop up wherever you are working from and improves your posture at the same time. Ummm yes plz!

I love using this when I am writing posts that include text from a magazine or the bible, especially. I can have the magazine or book underneath my laptop and it makes the job go a lot quicker. Also if you are going to town filling out your paper & computer calendar, you can reference your paper calendar right underneath your computer for fast scheduling and planning. But mainly, I really notice more comfort with my neck and wrists when using this.

Tumbler Cup – Oh my gosh, y’all, this Yeti. I’ve tried all the to-go coffee mugs and water bottles and this is basically a cup that keeps anything hot or cold for HOURS. It’s so nice just having one tumbler, too. Trying to simplify over here! This would be a great present for literally anyone in your life too, just sayin.

Echo & Smart Bulb Bundle – Love using my Echo at home to set reminders, timers, ask what the weather is, request a song to be played, and much more. This bundle comes with smart bulbs that change color at your request, too – SO FUN!

Heated Blanket – Anyone who knows me or works with me is aware that I am always cold, so I’m either by the fireplace OR cuddled up with this heated blanket. So cozy. So warm. So necessary.

Charger Cord – My job requires my phone to be with me 24/7 (at least that’s my excuse) so this extra long charger cord is amazing for when I’m charging far away from the outlet aka most of the time.

Frying Pan – Whenever I have no idea what to make for lunch, I make an egg. Also, basically every morning that I don’t get breakfast taco’s (LOL), I cook an egg with wheat toast. This little nonstick pan that allows the egg to slide right off as it is cooked is a lifesaver – no more stuck on gross egg mess (or any food that sticks).

Portable Charger – Like I said above, my phone needs to be with me and FULLY charged at all times. This portable charger fits perfectly into any bag and you just gotta have it.

Let me know if y’all have or get any of these gadgets and send me a DM :)