Beauty - April 17, 2020

How to Extend a Blowout

Brighton Keller's blowout tips

If there’s one thing y’all ask me about a lot, it’s my hair! Specifically how I get so much volume in it, but styling and color questions are always popular ones too. I’ve tackled the volume subject several times – from this post all about using velcro rollers to this one on how I use dry shampoo to get volume and my latest, tips for round brushing your hair. So there is no shortage of info on how to get volume!

Lately though, I’ve been getting more and more questions in my DMs about how to extend a blowout which makes sense since so many people are short on time with kids home or y’all don’t have your regular blow dry appointments. I do have some really good tips I’ve learned over the years because let’s just say I’ll do almost anything to not wash my hair every day. :) So that’s what today’s post is all about! If you’re a hairstylist or someone who also has some really good tips on making blowouts last, please feel free to share in the comments so we can all benefit from your knowledge.

Brush your roots out upside down

This is a trick a stylist told me years ago that I’ve always remembered. I’ve sort of put my own spin on it by replacing it with round brushes and velcro rollers, but definitely still do it from time to time. And it’s a great option if you don’t have a round brush or velcro rollers!

I recommend brushing your roots upside down on day two, maybe day three depending on when they start to noticeably lose volume. To do it, just flip your hair upside down and use a paddle brush to gently brush your roots away from the scalp and spritz in some flexible hold hairspray. This helps to revitalize them a bit and give them back some of that volume.

Put your hair in a high loose ponytail at night/sleep on a silk pillowcase

What you do with your hair at night/while you’re sleeping will have a huge effect on whether or not you can salvage your blowout and make it last another day. One of the most important things is to sleep on a silk pillowcase. I’ve been linking to this pillowcase for forever, and I’m going to do it again! It’s so great for your hair AND skin!

The second piece of the nighttime equation is putting your hair up in a high, loose ponytail. This will help your hair keep its volume and also protect the actual styling. To avoid any kinks in your hair the next morning, use these hair ties.

Change up your part

I know the thought of moving your part can feel stressful. Does anyone else have a go-to place for their part that they don’t really like to stray from? BUT, if you’re serious about making that blowout last, this is something you might have to consider. Try flipping your hair over on the other side of your head or do a middle part if yours is usually off to the side. Who knows, you might discover a new look you like!

Rely on product to get you through

And by day four and five, it’s product that is going to get you through to the end. Dry shampoo is crucial for your roots while texturizing spray will be needed for the body/ends. For me, dry shampoo really is the key. I spray it everywhere to really make sure my hair has volume. You don’t have to do this, just make sure you spray it liberally on your roots. I’d also suggest trying sea salt spray toward the end because the salt helps absorb the oil and can give a really pretty piecey look if that’s what you want.

Brand-wise, I really love the Living Proof dry shampoo as well as Drybar. For texturizing spray, I’d check out this kind from Unite and this option for a good sea salt spray.

Touch it up throughout the week

I like to think of touch-ups as a last resort because it just takes more time but obviously if you have an important meeting or event, it’s worth it! I have a tutorial on how I do my loose waves if you want to give it a look or check out this older post on the difference between styling dirty and clean hair.

Use a cleansing shampoo in between

Making a blowout last an entire (work) week is no joke and by the end of it, your hair is TIRED. It’s going to be filled with all kinds of product, which leads to major build-up. This is where a clarifying shampoo comes in. I wrote about all the different kinds of shampoos and when/why you should use them if you want more info on that front. Basically a clarifying shampoo is the best for stripping your hair of all the dry shampoo, hair spray, etc. They can be kinda harsh though so if you are washing your hair more than once a week, have a gentler shampoo on hand like one that focuses on hydrating your hair.

I also think it’s important to remember that the real key to making your blowout last is to start the whole process with healthy hair, so be sure to get it squeaky clean between big styling sessions.

Alright y’all hope this helps! Any other tricks you love?