Hair Tips - October 10, 2018

#JohnnyBravorHair with Bumble & Bumble

If you could only see my bathroom, then you’d quickly realize that I am quite the hair product junkie. Some girls love makeup and lipstick colors and nail polish, well I love hair products! And I love trying new ones too! But even still, I have a few holy grail products that I keep come backing to. One of my go-to hair products for when I want lots of height in my roots is Bumble & Bumble’s Thickening mousse. It’s been one of my favorites for almost 4 years now and if you’ve been following along for a while, then you’ve probably heard me talk about it before! I don’t use it every day (because it can be quite intense), but when I know I have time to properly blow dry my hair and want lots of volume, this is my go-to product.

The mousse that I’ve been using for years is part of their “GO BIG” product line which they just so happened to update with brand new products! And you’re welcome, I’ve already tried them all and have a favorite! Out of all of the ones I tried, I love the “Go Big Treatment” (see in the image below). I sprayed it on my roots after putting the mousse in and LOVE the volume that I got!

And then lastly, I’ve been a HUGE fan of their Drysprun Spray – it smells like heaven and gives such great texture to your hair for after you’ve blow dried it!

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