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The (True) Secret To My Resilience

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Remember that (recent) blog post I wrote on comparison and not feeling good enough?

A few days ago I read it again and felt like something was missing; like it wasn’t finished. Because there’s actually so much more going on behind the scenes; and I feel compelled to share it with you despite my fear of communicating poorly and lacking eloquence. (Side note: I always struggle with this but I’m pushing past it today.)

There’s More To It

To put it simply, yeah…there’s more to it than that. With “that” being what I talked about in that last post. 

At the heart of it, my personal experience in dealing with jealousy (and the comparison trap in general) goes a step further than fighting negative self-talk. Although doing so is indeed productive, I think my resilience is due to something else entirely.

The Secret to My Resilience

Ultimately, I’m able to overcome these feelings through my faith. Let me be more specific because I realize this sounds a little lofty and elusive.

I’m able to prevail and am re-energized (and motivated) despite continual discouragement (etc.) because I believe in something MUCH bigger than myself (and my business). And this “something” that I am referring to is God. And part of believing in God is believing His word.

Let me skip a few theological bullet points here and just jump straight to the personal-relationship-with-Jesus-Christ part. You see, this is where the magic happens. As a Christian, and as I’m sure you’re familiar, I believe I am a child of God. But not just in some elusive, “God the father” kind of way either. I mean, literally – in the sweetest and most intimate of ways. I believe that the creator of the universe loves me more than I can possibly imagine and that He desires a relationship with me – and that means the real, tangible, one-on-one kind of relationships we have here on earth.

The secret to my resilience is my personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It’s because of this relationship, that I’m able to overcome the pressures and struggles of jealousy and the comparison trap – on a daily, weekly and whenever-it-comes basis. I think some people struggle with it more than others, but as a relatively competitive person and overachiever (#oldestchild)  I struggle with comparison all the time. Although I don’t think this is the best place to get into it, I’d say that my career heightens these struggles since my “performance” or “status” (or whatever) is on display for everyone to see.

What Does That Look Like?

It looks like any other type of relationship, really.

It looks like close times and distant times. It looks like commitment, discipline, and prioritization. It’s slow and gradual and all at once. It’s full of emotion, inspiring, and sometimes dry too. But above all, my relationship with Jesus is personal, consistent, and life-giving.

When I lean on Him and walk WITH Him through these (or any) struggles, He builds me back up. As I read and think about His word (the bible) and the truths He’s given me through it, I’m freed from the anxieties and pressures of my daily life as I remember who I am in Christ. Literally, I feel the weight lifting off of me.

It’s so refreshing – no matter how many times I hear it – to remember and lean on the fact that my identity is entirely independent of what I do, how well I do it, or what others think of me. It’s so scary crazy how easy it is to forget these simple yet foundational truths. Which is why I have to constantly fight against my forgetting. As long as I’m living in this broken world, I’ll have to fight for the truth and preach it to my heart – even when I don’t want to.

I 100% understand this sounds crazy. If I were to read this 3 years ago, I would totally roll my eyes. But it’s not crazy or out-of-this-world. It’s true. And I’m a living testament to that. I’m telling you, this stuff is true and it’s the reason why I get out of bed in the morning. Honestly, I have zero reason to lie or exaggerate – so you should take my word for it.

PS:: I’ve been holding off on publishing this for weeks because I’ve been too nervous. But I’m going to hold my breath and go hide under the covers now (lol). No but really, please comment and engage with me. Remember, you guys are the reason why I blog and keep going. And I enjoy sharing more personal things, but it really makes it worth it when I KNOW I’m relating to you, sparking curiosity, or encouraging/inspiring you. You know??


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  • Olivia Stockton

    Great post! Keep sharing your faith and spreading the word!!!

  • Rach

    Thanks for sharing this! I believe in Him as well and my faith in Christ in what kept me going as I battle cancer. I honestly think whenever we are at our low, he’s there to pick us back up. Keep the faith going <3

  • CNL

    I have been reading your blog for several months now, and this is one of my favorite posts so far! I definitely needed the reminder that He is bigger than this world and my struggles! Thank you for sharing!

  • Bee

    I love this post—it really resonates with me as I’m in a very similar place with regards to my faith and how it relates to anxiety, worries, or feeling the need to control everything. It’s so great to hear this from you :)

    Briana |

  • Missjenhen

    Thanks for writing this and sharing. I know it’s hard, too often we let satan step on our toes. But you didnt!

  • As a smaller Life & Style blogger I’ve been trying to figure out how to tie together my relationship with Christ with the things I share on my blog/Instagram. It’s been really pressing on my heart lately to keep Him at the center of it all (whatever that’s going to look like for my blog…not sure yet!) but I get so scared I’m going to loose followers or likes or a deal with a brand. But you are a living testament!!! You just came out and laid it all out there. To God be the glory!

  • Brighton, I love that you don’t hide your faith away from social media. That you put it up front, and center- just like it seems to be in your life. It’s so easy to get caught up in putting our identity in the things of the world. I’m a wife, a sister, a marketer, a blogger… these are just little facts about me but they don’t define who I really am as a person – or, as you put it, a child of God. It’s easy to understand that we should find our identity in Christ, but it’s a daily challenge. I think that’s what Christ was talking about when he called us to take up our cross daily and die to ourselves. Thanks so much for sharing this. You can come out from under the covers now. ;)

  • Kristen Fowler

    Thanks for sharing, Brighton! I’ve been following your blog for a couple years now and you’ve totally inspired me. I love how down-to-earth and REAL you are. I just don’t get that same sense from other bloggers I follow. Keep doing you girl, you’re impacting more people than you think!

    • wow thanks Kristen! Honored to have you following along – and for 2 years too! That’s amazing! Welcome to the VIP-B-TEAM club! lol

  • Meredith Marceau

    Amen to that! Love you!❤

  • Naomi Bourrous

    Brighton I started following you for fashion, I keep following you because you are unafraid to use your platform for so much more!!! I love that!! You inspire me and I very much relate to this blog post!! I wish everyone could feel the sense of contentment that only Jesus can bring!!!

  • Torie


    Thank you so much for sharing! I love this and totally believe it. But I have a question for you. How? Haha I know the what and the way because I, too, believe I am a child of God. But I have a hard time even keeping plans with my real, 3D, live friends! So I struggle with really prioritizing Him. How do you make Him a priority and make time for him. How did you begin to do that? Could you share more about that? (If it’s not too personal) :)

    • mks43

      would love to hear more on that too, it’s something I really struggle with!

      • so I legit just wrote a NOVEL of a response. SEE ABOVE.

        • Jennifer Medrano

          this! i couldn’t have listed this better!! man, that’s a whole amazing article in itself. so glad she asked. please please consider posting more of these. so encouraged by you!!

    • what a great question! I actually think this would make a great topic to talk about. But it’s also maybe a touchy one too because sometimes the way that I make Jesus a priority is a little bit legalistic and not always pretty, you know? But I need to stop caring what people think.

      I’d say that it depends on the day. But in a nutshell, it looks like a lot of different things. and takes many shapes and forms too. So taking a step back, I’d say that having the BIG puzzle pieces is important. Have these things set up as your foundation.

      (1) corporate worship – a place where you’re forced to sit before someone preaching truth in community w/ others. People who can hold you accountable and notice when you’re not there too. If they don’t, then find another church or try to be more involved. you want to recognize people each week. it makes a HUGE difference.

      (2) TRUTH – ACTUAL scripture (not just other people’s interpretations) – like actually choose a book in the bible and commit to reading it. devotionals are great. but the TRUE SOURCE is where the magic happens. even if it’s only 1 verse a day (whatever, that’s fine, God can work w/ that). then do that. But just stick to it. even if you only have 5 minutes. okay that’s fine too. But just try and be somewhat consistent and pray through it. no matter what.

      (3) prayer – be honest w/ yourself about this. like do you ACTUALLY pray through things? talk to God ALL THE TIME. even ab the stupid stuff. give him credit for the good things that happen in your life. Like even if you totally think YOU did it and that good thing happend bc of your hard work, thank HIM. and give him the glory. This will help you have a heart of gratitude and keep your eyes focused on Him and His kindgom. which actually makes a big difference. Talk to him about random things like how you’re nervous about parallel parking or how you hate going to the grocery store or don’t feel like working out. find ways to weave Him into the reason why you do things.

      (4) community – do you know other people who are on fire for Jesus? Are you spending time around them? THIS IS A GAME-CHANGER!!!!!! Do you know anyone else who lives her life like Jesus is FOR REAL and like he is legit WORTH IT? If so, then GO UP TO HER and ask her to coffee!! Do what you can to be around other believers. This (I think) is what will change your life.


      so if you have those foundational things (I’m sure I’m missing some stuff), then the rest sort of flows naturally. okay wait, I just wrote a novel!! OMG lol. I gotta go to work.

      hope this helps!!


  • Catherine Watson

    I never comment on blogs but just wanted to say I love that you are open and “going there”. It’s crazy that so many of us feel pressured to hold back talking about their faith in today’s society (at least I do). But, thank you for your post! Keep being you and keep being real. It’s so refreshing.

    • I love that you said it was “refreshing”. I hope to be that more often to you and others as well. Thanks for taking the time to comment and let me know this – otherwise, I’d have no idea. So it means more than you (or anyone really) will EVER know that you DID in fact leave a comment. Thanks Catherine!

  • Mindy Gray

    So proud of you for speaking boldly about Jesus!!

  • Meaghan

    I always LOVE your honesty – even if it feels like a big risk for sharing it helps put some perspective and focus to my day. Thanks for going there and for just being you :]

  • You look fantastic, so fresh and beautiful! Love your blouse, gorgeous pattern!



  • Emily L.

    You are so inspiring! I love how raw and honest you are about literally EVERYTHING. I have been struggling recently with so much and know that a relationship with God is something that I need but struggle to find how to do that or figure out what it looks like. Its hard to do so in a world where being open about your faith is looked down upon. Your bold and openness about your faith makes me want to go head on and shout it to the heavens (literally). Thanks for being you and always inspiring! Never change!


  • Elisa A.

    I love how honest you are with your faith! As a (newly married) pastor’s wife, talking openly about faith and your relationship with God can be so daunting! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and furthering His kingdom by sharing his love!


  • Rachel Ainza

    Ahhh this is beautiful Brighton! I remember clicking the link to your post about comparison and expecting it to be more to the tune of “God created me just the way I am” and was actually quite surprised when it wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong – it was still great, but this post feels so real & genuine! Reading this first thing this morning has truly uplifted me! Thanks for being so open with your faith and honest about your walk with the Lord!

  • Mackenzie Praytor

    I am bookmarking this on my phone so I can refer back to it on what I call my “down days” – the days where everybody else’s life looks better, fuller, more fun. Thank you for helping me to remember the big picture.

    • yes and I’m doing the same, girl! I feel like I forget almost every other day. It’s ridiculous. I’m right there w you!

  • Monica Dabecco

    YAS GIRL YAS! I have a similar struggle with comparison, jealousy, negative self talk, unrealistic expectations for myself ,etc. My faith is what get me through it all. I LOVE hearing other peoples faith journey’s. We are all in different places, and here for different reasons, but we are all SO LOVED by Jesus . Every time I think about how tough my day is, or a struggle I am going through, I think back to the Passion of Jesus and think “this man gave his LIFE for us” – my “bad day” doesnt seem so bad after all! When I struggle with dating and relationship building I remember – I have a God that loves me so unconditionally and without waver – THAT is the only relationship I need! Thank you for being brave. Thank you for being vulnerable.

  • mks43

    Brighton, thank you for being so real and vulnerable with us all. It truly is a blessing. I know I’m not bold enough in my daily life in talking about Christ, so I would imagine this post was really nerve-wracking! I truly, truly appreciate hearing your words and being reminded of the grace that is given to us through Jesus Christ. We will never be enough on our own, but we are everything with Him.

  • Rachel

    🙌🏻 needed this today! Thanks

  • Samantha Petty

    Brighton this is so encouraging! It is so refreshing how honest and real you are. You have your eyes fixed on Jesus and follow where He leads which takes courage, especially with such a big social media presence. Thank you for talking about real things and shining a light on what matters!

  • that blouse is so gorgeous, love the small print!

  • Deyanira Robles

    Wow! Yes yes yes yes! Everything about this post is exactly what I needed to hear on this day. YES! God is so good! Keep it up, keep shining the light of Jesus! The platform that you have is inspiring so many people!!!!! Let’s be friends. Haha

  • Amanda Ballard

    You are so awesome! One of the main reasons I connected with your blog was because of how open you are with your faith. It was inspiring to see someone speak with so much love and faith toward their relationship with the Lord. As someone who has the same experience with my relationship with God (sometimes it feels amazing and inspiring and other days it can be really difficult and scary), I’m always so refreshed when reading your thoughts on the topic.

    I love how vulnerable and open you are with your readers and I think this topic is so perfect to discuss with women in the blogging industry. So many bloggers I follow are trying to be “perfect” and appear a certain way on their platform, but I love that you are real! It’s like having a friend tell you about all the best products, trends, etc. in the best and most casual way without all the pressure and frills that most other bloggers have. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and heart with us! <3

  • Kari

    Your faith and relationship with the Lord is inspiring, real, and refreshing, particularly in world where comparison seems to be taking over. It’s HARD out there for us women, and we will never ever be satisfied fully, or feel “enough,” but that’s OKAY because God IS enough. He is more than enough. This is something I’m working on in my own life, so I’m beyond inspired to read about your journey as well. I hope you continue sharing! Would also love to hear more about how you go about your quiet time each day, and what that looks like for you. xo

  • anonymous

    I wish you would say more. I know I have no right to ask that, and it seems like this kind of sharing is uncomfortable. I find myself saying often that I wish I was the kind of person with faith because it seems so freeing. I don’t know how to find it or even where to start looking. But posts like this one are so heart warming. It makes me desire again to try to find some faith. Please keep posting like this. There are people out there who don’t have what you have or believe what you believe, but we wish we did. Keep spreading a little light, please.

  • HannahChristineStyle

    Thank you so much for posting this. The world needs more bloggers and social media influencers who are unashamed of the gospel of Christ and you are a huge inspiration to the rest of us. I’m excited to see how God uses you and your blog in the future! Thanks!

  • Payton Heilman


  • Jessica Agee

    As a fellow twenty-something Sister in Christ (and also a CPA formerly of the big 4 hah) I am so proud of you for BOLDLY spreading the Good News. Jesus Christ is life – there is no other way to the Father except through Him.

  • You are amazing, thank you SO much for being so transparent! I love that you share your heart with your readers like me, truly so inspiring as a woman, a follower of Christ and a blogger. I wish there were more women like you out in the world, especially, in the blog world we live.

  • Heather Miller

    What a great blog post! I love your blog for the fashion content but even more so for the faith content. I’ve been a Christian my whole life but its only the past few years that I’ve really realized what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus. Thank you for sharing this post. It can be so hard to share faith with others. Recently I’ve found myself wanting to share my faith more often but I almost always shy away from it. It can be so hard in general, and especially in LA where I live. Glad to see you speaking out on such a large platform. Keep it coming!

  • Keri Montgomery

    Brighton, have you read “Uninvited” by Lysa TerKeurst? This has helped me with my struggles re: jealously and remembering to live each day LOVED because I am a child of God and he loves me so! (oh, how he loves us so…) Thank you for being a light for him!

    • omg no I haven’t but I do OWN it! And I need to read it! It’s just so hard to make myself sit down and stuff these days – esp read!

  • Kelsey Buehner

    Brighton, I loved this post! Your instagram posts always excited me and it looks like your life is totally together. This post is reassuring to me that things aren’t easy, for anyone! It makes me so happy to follow a blogger who is also a firm believer in Christ! I love your posts, keep sharing! :)

  • Denise Tucker

    This is more beautiful than any outfit you’ve ever modeled for us, even though I love your style! May God continue to bless you with bravery and truth.

  • Nat

    What a breath of fresh air this was!! Thank you Brighton!! Thank you for using your platform (that was made possible and thriving through Him : )) to share about your relationship with the Lord. You are doing exactly what Jesus called us Christians to do, share with others about Him. Your piqued some curiosity here and that is a great thing! I hope to see more of this. It made my heart so happy. We, as woman should never be afraid to share about our faith especially when you have the platform that you have. Thank you again. xoxo

  • Heather Henley

    Wow, this was awesome to read! It’s so hard for me to share my faith sometimes (most times if I’m being honest) and i don’t even have a large platform like you do. I’m sure this was scary to post, but I am so glad you did. I hope you continue to find the courage to do so, and continue to spread your light and the word of God. By the way, I feel like I actually know you with how many snaps, insta stories and blog posts I read 😂

  • grace gobey

    I am so thrilled!!! this is exactly the kind blogger I want to be and as beginner, this post really inspires me because I really want to encourage people about the wonderful relationship we can have with Christ and overcome our weaknesses. Thank you so much <3

  • stratpack

    Thank you for sharing this. So encouraging, such a blessing. Keep at it, girl!

  • Karen Durant

    God calls us to be disciples for Him! You are being bold as he wants you to. The Holy Spirit put this message in your heart and you shared it beautifully!!!

  • Brittany Johnson

    Hi Brighton,

    I’ve been following your blog for a while now and have followed you on your social media accounts, as well. Seeing your happy and cheery disposition truly makes me smile. As a woman who agrees with everything you just said about faith, it is very refreshing to see someone being so open and honest in such a critical and unkind society that it seems we all get stuck in these days. We all compare ourselves to someone else or hold ourselves to unrealistic standards that we just will never obtain. However, when we look at the greater picture, the individual gifts that He gave us to be exactly who we are is what makes us unique. It’s what gives us our driving force and what makes us set and then try to achieve our own realistic goals. One of the strongest verses from The Bible is, “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.” I feel this is such an insightful passage and truer words have never been spoken. We wouldn’t be able to do anything if it were not for God interceding in our lives. Most of the time, we don’t even know it’s happening and then we learn the lesson or blessing after the fact. You never know when your prayers are going to be answered, but you have to keep the faith. My faith has gotten me through the worst days of my life. I have very poor health and lately I’ve been hospitalized every 4 weeks and I live with chronic pain everyday. When people ask me how I get through it and simply “deal with it”, my only answer is through the grace of God. I truly believe that if I didn’t have help from Him, then I wouldn’t be able to handle all of it. People say that God never gives us more than we can handle. I fully believe that. We may have challenges, but He gives us the tools to cope and tackle them. Those tools may be people in our lives, courage, a blog post you happen to read, advances in the medical field, a kind gesture from a stranger that makes us smile, or simply believing in Him and that all things happen for a reason. There’s no such thing as a coincidence in my opinion. It’s all planned, we just have to do the best we can with what we’re given and go along for the ride searching for happiness, love, and success (in whatever that may be). Anyway, I know this is very long, but please don’t feel discouraged or afraid to share your beliefs or your faith. It’s what gets you through life and that is true beauty. Being your true, authentic self is beautiful, even with the flaws. I’m sure this blog post is inspiring and helpful for many people today. I know it was for me.

    Happy Blogging and God Bless!

    -Brittany 🙂

  • Yes yes yes yes to all of this. I have to remind myself of my TRUE identity every. single. day. Boy, it’s hard work but so rewarding because HE loves us above all and there is nothing we can do to make Him love us less. How crazy is that? You are truly an inspiration and are SO strong and I can’t wait to keep following along and see what else He’s got in store for you. :)

  • Chelsie

    Love your colorful blog and your joyful attitude. In the last year I’ve gone through a lot of really really difficult and heartbreaking situations with my family and it’s made me depend on Jesus more than ever before to get me through. Sometimes though I catch myself feeling materialistic. That leads me to a question for you. As a style blogger, a big part of your job is to talk about and possess a lot of material things. How do you balance this with your moral and religious values and not feel like you are letting the culture of materialism consume you? How do you justify the times that you allow yourself to be materialistic? Does it ever bother you? Just some honest questions that I’m interested in hearing the answer to — I struggle with these things at times and I think everyone does in some capacity.

    • this might be a good topic for a blog post! I love that you’ve brought these things up, Chelsie! I’d say that to quickly answer your questions, the truth is that I totally DO struggle with it. I find myself often asking why the heck I’m even fashion blogging sometimes because it can often times feel like I’m promoting things that I’m sort of against (or say that I am). So yeah, I do feel a bit of a disconnect there sometimes. But I think the bottomline underneath everything is the posture of my heart – or how tightly I’m grabbing onto these things. I always think of the story of the rich young man and ask myself if I would be willing to walk away from everything if Jesus asked me to. And I think keeping that story and question at the forefront of my mind helps keep things in perspective. i also think communitiy helps a lot.

      • Chelsie

        Thank you for such an honest answer. I really like that phrase… “Posture of the heart.” Hmm, well I’d love to hear more about this topic if you ever feel feel inclined!

  • Iyanu

    I’ve said this many times before but I truly truly love your blog and your boldness to share the gospel of Christ. You have such a big platform and you’re utilizing to gain more followers to the kingdom which is so awesome! I’m 100% supportive of you. Without Christ I am nothing because he is my everything. Stay encouraged and remain true to who you are because you’re a sweet sweet blessing! Thanks for all you do!

    • awww wow thank you so much for the heartfelt and encouraging comment! I love hearing that :) And wow, I feel honored to have your support! Sometimes its readers like you that are literally the only reason I keep blogging and doing this!

  • Ashley Hodges

    WOW!! Preach girl 💗 Love this so much and so proud of you for being so bold!

  • Kristie

    Love this post Brighton. God created you to be just who you are. Thanks for sharing.

  • Loann

    I love your posts about clothes, travel, products, etc. But I adore YOU as a blogger because you shine so BRIGHT for Jesus! How amazing. Thank you for your courage to post about who you really are! As a reader of many blogs and scroller of many insta posts, it is hard to not compare my life to the beautiful pictures on my feed. I have to constantly remind myself that comparison is the thief of joy. I would love to read a post about your quiet times, and I want to encourage you to post and not be afraid of what others will think. Some may roll their eyes, but you never know what that small seed can do for someone who doesn’t know Jesus! Keep up the amazing work Brighton. You are an encouragement to all of us!

    • thanks so much for this comment, Loann! So encouraging – and I even love that you gave me a specific idea for a blog post! Keep those ideas coming! :)

  • Chelsea Jennette

    I am so glad that you decided to publish this! I love this message! To see this message, shows me that I how I am feeling is not out of the norm! Thank you for the message, and thank you for using your platform to discuss God’s amazing mercy upon us and allowing me to see that it is perfectly okay to not feel strong on our own, because that is when we can rely on our God. Thank you again!

  • Love this post and so happy that are are brave enough to share your love for God publicly. Comparison is one thing that I think all women struggle with, but can become even more heightened in the blogging industry. It’s so easy to compare our outward appearance and the success of our blogs compared to others, so this was such a wonderful reminder that we are a part of something so much greater. Again, love this post Brighton. Have a fabulous Easter weekend! <3

    • I feel like I could for sure use this reminder like 3x a week! You’re right, it’s totally magnified in the blogging world! thanks for stopping by Abby!

  • Sarah Johnson

    Love, love, love this!! Especially, “It’s so refreshing – no matter how many times I hear it – to remember and lean on the fact that my identity is entirely independent of what I do, how well I do it, or what others think of me.” God loves us. That is what gives us value. Simple, yet profound. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks, Sarah!! And thanks for taking the time to comment :)

  • Briony

    Such an encouragement to have a young fashion blogger be so open about their love for Christ! Thank you for being brave for Him! PS) Your work is beautiful!

    • aww thanks so much Briony! And thanks for encouraging me!

  • Rebecca Gonzales

    I needed this!!!! I just recently graduated from college and was blessed to get my dream job (that I DONT deserve-but God is really good). The first couple weeks have been the hardest of my life because I’ve been attacking myself with feelings of insecurity, inadequacy, not being good enough or wanted. Deep down I know I need to lean more into prayer and devotional but reading your struggle really affirmed that for me. Especially where you said “remember and lean on the fact that my identity is entirely independent of what I do, how well I do it, or what others think of me.” Please don’t stop sharing these personal posts they matter so much to women like me.

  • Sandra

    I love this post! And I have a question. As busy as you are, how do you find time to prioritize your relationship with God and what does that look like for you? I know it’s different for everyone, but do you read the Bible or pray or go through a devotional or a class? Do you set a specific time out of your day every day to have a conversation with Him? I know I need to work on my relationship, my one on one, talking to God, asking Him for help with every day things, kind of relationship. But I also know I need to prioritize Him through my prayer life, and I’m not sure how to do that.

  • Christine Thompson

    Your Faith has inspired me to grow my own Faith and relationship with Christ. I admire how openly you discuss your beliefs and think your commitment to growing that relationship is awesome. Keep these posts coming :-)

  • Kailey

    Such an amazing a refreshing blog post. Thank you for your truth and for opening up!

  • Kyleigh Reinhardt

    Your faith is honestly one of the biggest reasons I followed you to begin with. You know who you are and WHOSE you are, and that is everything. I loved this post, and I believe God gave you this platform to spread His word and His glory. Please continue to share

  • I love that you are paving the way for Christian women, like myself, to feel comfortable sharing their faith. Maybe “sharing their faith” is not the right way to put it, but sharing their faith in the fashion world that is so convoluted with the exact opposite of what The Gospel/relationship with Jesus is. You truly inspire me and I thank you for being so brave and putting everything on the line, because it’s a big deal! You are amazing and a fantastic role model for young women. You should be proud of the woman Jesus has helped you become, because your impacting many! You go, girl!

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