Self - August 21, 2019

4 Benefits of Waking Up Slowly and How to Actually Do It

I’m not sure if it’s all the travel I’ve been doing this summer or maybe I’ve been trying to do too much in general, but I’ve been waking up so darn tired lately. It’s like I’ll go to bed and get a full eight hours of sleep (or more!) and still wake up wanting to hit snooze three times. Anyone else ever find themselves in this kind of a funk? Well, I decided I need to stop fighting it and kind of embrace it because if my body is telling me to slow it down, maybe I should?

Once I came to this realization and started waking up slowly, I noticed there was actually quite a few benefits to it, so I wanted to share them with y’all today. Sound good? K, cool! Along with the benefits, I also included ways to actually help you try this whole “waking up slowly” thing too because I really think it’s helping me feel more like myself – better even?! So here they are:

It allows me to ease into my day

I’m someone who tends to go a million miles an hour thanks to #BrightonBrain, but embracing my sleepiness in the morning has forced me to slow down a bit and to be honest, I’m really starting to like it. Instead of jumping out of bed and picking up my phone or grabbing my laptop first thing, I’m now laying in bed for a bit, giving myself a good stretch and just mentally setting intentions for my day. And when I say setting intentions, I don’t mean laying there panicking about my massive to-do list. More like choosing a positive word to focus on and putting it out into the universe to hopefully get my day started on the right foot.

How to do it: I feel like I’ve been seeing people all over Instagram challenging themselves to take their mornings a bit slower by doing three things for themselves BEFORE engaging with any technology. So that’s what I’m trying to do and I challenge you to try it too. From saying an affirmation or a prayer to stretching to exercise – do three things for YOU before doing anything else that doesn’t involve technology.

I feel more ready to exercise

This is has been one of the biggest things I’ve noticed about taking my mornings a bit slower. Maybe that’s why I’ve been enjoying my early morning pilates so much? Obviously to get to my pilates class I have to get out of bed, but I consider it one of the things I do for myself before my day really begins. I try hard not to check email or get on Instagram before my class so I can be totally present and not think about work or my to-do list throughout my workout.

How to do it: I know not everyone loves a morning workout, but if you give yourself a little extra time to wake up in the morning instead of rolling out of bed at the last second to make your class, I think you’ll enjoy it a lot more. As painful as it might sound, try setting your alarm 15 minutes earlier than you need to so when it goes off you can take a few minutes to gather your thoughts. I think you’ll be surprised at how good you feel!

It helps keep me in my routine

Even though I LOVE a good morning routine, sometimes I fall out of mine because I’ll get wrapped up in Instagram right away in the morning or I jump out of bed and dive right into my emails. Although my intention at those times is to be productive, it kinda has the opposite effect because then I don’t follow through with my routine. Taking my mornings a little slower allows me the time I need to go through my skincare regimen and start my day with a clear head. And I’ve noticed it’s actually those days where I’m really productive and get stuff done. Crazy, right?

Hot to do it: Make waking up a little slower part your morning routine. If you need tips on how to stick to that routine, read this post. I promise it’ll help!

It’s giving me an appreciation for slowing down in general

I read this Wall Street Journal article recently about how, in an effort to stop glorifying being busy all the time and burn out, the art of the slow morning is actually kind of movement! The article does an amazing job of explaining why waking up slowly vs. diving into work can make you MORE productive. It’s all about giving yourself time to do nothing, according to the article. And that’s what will help your creative juices get flowing later in the day when you need them. Basically we’re all just overstimulated 24/7 by technology and laying in bed for a while after your alarm goes off or sipping your coffee slowly while doing nothing is no longer considered a waste of time, but super necessary and I’m 100% here for it. I could easily fall down a rabbit hole on this topic LOL.

How to do it: I think the only way to gain an appreciation is to slow the heck down in the morning using all the tips above and experience it for yourself! So do it! And also read the WSJ article because it’s great!

What do you think? Is this something you could get on board with or no? I want to know your thoughts in the comments!