Life - January 20, 2023

A Day In the Life As a Mom of Two

I’ve recently done a couple of “Day In the Life” posts on Instagram stories and gotten SO MUCH response — you guys seem to love them! I honestly really love watching/reading other people’s versions of this myself too. I think it’s just helpful to see the little tips and tricks that others do to save time in the day.

Before I share more, I should note that every day is different for us. This is what a random fairly typical day looks like when I didn’t have any appointments or meetings. These times are also just an estimate and what I hope happens on an ideal day.

A Day In the Life

6:30 am: wake up and feed Blake

I honestly wish I woke up before the kids so I could get a headstart, but… I don’t. If I’m being real, it’s probably happened like 3 times ever. Most mornings start with getting everything done for the babies, then I get ready once our nanny arrives!

Blake is 3.5 months old right now and she sleeps until 6:30 each morning, but the only way this happens consistently is when we’re super strict with making sure she gets enough to eat during the day. If she has a bad feeding, she usually wakes up more often/early.

7:00 am: make breakfast

After I’ve finished feeding Blake, we head downstairs to make breakfast. Four is obsessed with helping in the kitchen right now, so he stands in his little tower and “helps” me put together whatever we’re making. He always wakes up with so much energy and is so happy!

8:30 am: nanny arrives/get Blake ready

Our nanny is currently just watching Four (he’s a full-time job lol) when he’s not at school, so when she gets to the house, I get Blake ready and change her for the day.

After I get Blake ready for the day, it’s my turn. I’ll hand her over to Duncan so I have time to get myself ready. I don’t wear makeup when I work out, so if it’s a day when I’m going to the gym, that saves me some time in the morning.

9:00 am: coffee and Bible reading

If I don’t do my Bible reading or devotional first thing in the morning, it won’t happen. Period. I prioritize this before I do anything else. I’m currently reading through the Bible in a year and am in the book of Job. I’d forgotten so much from this book!

10 am: go to the gym

Right now, I’m working out twice a week. I actually just started back at 14 weeks postpartum. I work out at a gym right by my house, so it takes less than 5 minutes to get there. On the days I’m not working out, I’ll get started on work at this time.

11 am: check emails + social media, quick shower/blowout/get ready

After reading several time management books, one of my most helpful takeaways is to designate 2-3 times a day to check my emails and social media. When I don’t do this, I find myself spending way too much time randomly checking both.

I don’t usually have time to wash and dry my hair, so I use a dry shampoo and do a quick blowout. This takes me all of 3 minutes and leaves my hair feeling as good as new. Currently, I’m washing my hair about twice a week.

11:30 am: put Blake down for a nap

Time for another Blake nap! I double-swaddle her and then put her down in her crib.

12 pm: break for lunch

Lunch is usually super quick. I either snack on random things in the fridge or throw together some veggies and add a little protein. Honestly, a lot of days, I’m guilty of ordering something to be delivered because nothing in my kitchen sounds good.

12:30 pm: check emails + social media + Asana

I then hop back on email and check my DMs on Instagram. I try to set a time limit for myself (usually like 15 minutes), but most days I end up aimlessly scrolling on social media for way longer than I intended.

I also use this time to see what tasks I need to work on. I use Asana to keep track of EVERYTHING for my business and personal life. Literally, on this day, I have a task to purchase Valentine’s Day cards for Four’s class lol.

I’ve got a few collabs coming up, so I need to shop and shoot content for those. Thank goodness for my assistant who helps me with ALL THE THINGS. I swear she keeps everything moving for BTD — I couldn’t do it without her.

2 pm: purge my closet

This is obviously not an everyday thing, but I try to clean out my closet every 2-3 months. On this specific day, I’m focusing on sweaters, tall boots, sweatshirts, and shoes. This literally took 2 HOURS to do but felt so good to be done. I always split up everything between donations for Genesis Women’s Shelter and my sister (she’s a doctor with 3 kids and no time to shop). I do, however, usually do something related to keeping the house tidy after lunch whether that’s emptying the dishwasher or throwing in a load of laundry.

4 pm: put Blake down for a nap

After purging my closet, it’s time to feed Blake again and get her down for another nap. I honestly cherish this time of holding her and getting to spend some one-on-one time with her before we kick off our evening routine.

5 pm: prep dinner

On this day, Duncan prepped some enchiladas, so I really didn’t have much to do! While Four played outside with D, I worked on getting everything in the oven and threw some sides together. I also had to heat up a frozen pizza for Four because he has become pretty picky lately. We’re working on getting him to eat what we’re eating!

6 pm: dinner

Duncan fed Blake while I finished prepping dinner. Four hadn’t watched TV all day so he was super excited to watch Disney for a bit.

6:30 pm: dishes/bath time with Four

After dinner, I get the dishes cleaned and put away, and then the nighttime routine begins. I start by giving Four a bath while Duncan watches Blake. Since Four is with our nanny during the day, I love this time I get to spend with just him before he goes to bed.

After the bath, it’s time to brush hair, brush teeth, read together, pray, and then it’s time for bed.

8 pm: put baby Blake to bed

Once Four is asleep, it’s Blake’s turn. For this routine, we change her diaper, change her clothes, do nasal drops, do a little suction (if she’s congested), fill her humidifier, swaddle her, turn on her sound machine, and then say a prayer before it’s lights out.

8:45 pm: enjoy a glass of wine and watch tv

At the end of the day, Duncan and I love to enjoy a drink and watch a tv show together. I’m trying to really stay off my computer and phone at night so I can really spend time with D without distraction.