How To Wear - March 24, 2023

Trouser Trend: How to Find the Perfect Pair

Brighton Butler wearing reformation trousers with abercrombie tank

I’m the last person to buy into trends, but every now and then, I find one I can really get on board with. That’s how I feel when it comes to trousers. They’re a huge trend in 2023, so I recently tried my hand at finding a few pairs that worked for me so I can try them out this spring.

I ordered a lot more than is pictured here and returned quite a few pairs that just… didn’t work. I’m not going to lie, buying trousers and other wide-leg pants are a lot different than typical skinny or straight-leg bottoms (especially if you’re shorter like me).

How to Find the Perfect Pair of Trousers

After trying on what felt like dozens (okay, it was really like 7) of pairs of pants, I decided to write down some notes on how to find the perfect trousers. If we’re going to embrace this trend, we’ve gotta know how to shop for it, right?

Start With a Classic Color

If you’re looking for your first pair of trousers, I recommend a neutral pair like these black trousers or this khaki color. This will give you the most room to play with how you style them so you’re more likely to love the look. I personally like keeping the top simpler to let the pants do the talking.

Focus on Proportions

When you’re shopping for trousers, proportions are *everything.* Falls perfectly at the waist but the length is too long? You’ll risk looking frumpy and not put together at all. In my experience, you want the waist to fall right below your belly button.

Don’t Be Afraid of Alterations

This ties into my last point, but do NOT be afraid to get your trousers tailored. My alterations guy is basically on speed dial (kidding) because I’ve seen the difference taking in even a few inches can have on the final outcome. A good tailor can help you determine exactly where the pants should fall and where they might need to be taken in.

Pair With a Flattering Top

As much as I’m LOVING the trousers trend, let’s be honest, they’re not the *most* flattering pants. Comfortable? You bet you. Flattering? Not so much. So I always try to wear a more form-fitting sweater, tank, or tee that shows off my figure more than a loose pair of pants does.

Bring Your Shoes

If you’re planning to try on trousers in person, I highly recommend bringing the pair of shoes you plan to wear with these pants most often. This will give you an accurate idea of how the trousers will look IRL. For instance, if you think you’ll wear your trousers with flats the most, don’t wear wedges to try them on or you’ll have no idea how the length actually fits!

Find the Fit That Suits You

Every body is different (literally), so what looks good on one person might not look great on someone else. Finding the best style to suit your shape is an important step in finding the perfect pair of trousers. If you have a longer waist, stick with high-rise trousers that will shorten your torso and make your legs look longer. Wider on top? Wide-legged trousers will help balance you out!

I hope this is helpful as you’re shopping for trousers. I’m certainly no expert, but these tips have worked for me. Happy shopping!


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brighton butler trouser post

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Brighton Butler wearing reformation trousers with abercrombie tank

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Brighton Butler wearing reformation trousers with abercrombie tank

Product Details: Ribbed Sweater Tank // Black Trousers // Sneakers // Necklaces (here, here, and here)

Brighton Butler wearing abercrombie green trousers and white sweater tank

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