Life - November 18, 2022

Easy Thanksgiving Recipes I Plan to Make

I’m really excited about Thanksgiving this year. Not only is it Blake’s first Thanksgiving, but all of my siblings are coming into town! It’s been forever since we’ve all been together, so this holiday is going to be extra special — plus, some of them will be meeting Blake for the first time.

With a toddler and a newborn, the name of the game is EASY this year. I’ve tried more intricate recipes in the past, but this year, it’s all about keeping things simple. I found a handful of recipes that I want to try that look easy, yet delicious. If you’re still thinking about what you want to make this year, try one of these recipes too!

PS, if you need some Thanksgiving table inspo, be sure to check out my post from last year. I haven’t even had a chance to think about holiday tablescapes this year, but hopefully, last year’s can give you an idea of what might work for you!

Creamy Mashed Potatoes

brighton butler thanksgiving dishes 2022


Let’s be real, it’s not really Thanksgiving if there aren’t any mashed potatoes. I usually get nervous about the thought of making mashed potatoes because it’s always seemed super daunting, but this recipe actually looks fairly simple and time-efficient. Plus, I was pretty much sold after seeing the picture. Let’s hope it’s as easy as it’s described!

Roasted Carrots

brighton butler thanksgiving dishes 2022

Well Plated

I really wanted to include something healthy in our Thanksgiving spread this year. I know Thanksgiving is all about indulging, but I do like to feel somewhat good about what we eat. I’ve made these roasted carrots before, and they are truly as easy as the recipe says. I don’t really love carrots by themselves, but adding the honey to these takes them up a notch.

Classic Stuffing

brighton butler thanksgiving dishes 2022


This will be my first time ever making stuffing. I’m a little nervous because it’s always seemed like a huge undertaking, but I think every Thanksgiving spread needs a good dressing. This was one of the simplest recipes I could find. Plus, look at how good it looks with all of those herbs! Seriously, delicious. We’ll also have some gravy to pour over this!

Apple Crisp

brighton butler thanksgiving dishes 2022

Taste of Home

We’ll definitely have a pumpkin pie with our Thanksgiving meal, but I wanted to include one other dessert, and this apple crisp looked so good. This is one of my favorite desserts in general (really anything with ice cream on top is A+ in my book), but I’ve never actually made it myself. I’m excited to give it a try this year.

Thanksgiving Cider Punch

brighton butler thanksgiving dishes 2022

Half Baked Harvest

Y’all, I’m so excited I can make some fun cocktails this year. I haven’t really been drinking much since Blake was born (who has the time? lol) but a festive cocktail on Thanksgiving sounds AMAZING. I’ll pretty much make anything Half Baked Harvest shares, but this Thanksgiving cider punch looked especially good.