Holiday - November 16, 2022

My 2022 Holiday Gift Wrap

Brighton Butler 2022 Holiday Wrapping Paper

Y’all, I just have to say I’m AMAZED that I got this gift wrap ordered by November. I honestly thought it was going to be coming my way in December with how crazy things have been lately with a newborn and a toddler running around. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love it, but things are chaotic if I’m being honest.

I am super excited about Christmas this year now that we’ve got two little ones. Four is getting old enough to understand the concept of presents (which means I have to hide all of ours or he will open them under the tree), and I can’t wait to celebrate Blake’s first holiday season.

Brighton Butler 2022 Holiday Wrapping Paper

You might remember that I did a quick review of the gift wrap I used last year (that I still LOVE), so I wanted to do another post this year to share what I plan to use. I actually found most of my wrapping paper on Minted and am shocked at how good the quality is. I’ve never ordered wrapping paper from them before, but I’ll definitely be doing it again.

I also found this adorable Anais Floral paper and my velvet ribbon from Ballard Designs. They’re currently having an early bird Black Friday sale with 40% off sitewide with TONS of amazing gift wrap and accessories on sale. Both of the items I bought are marked down right now!

Brighton Butler 2022 Holiday Wrapping Paper

Here’s a look at everything I am using to wrap my gifts this year, including a few essentials you’ll want to have on hand! PS don’t forget to check out our gift guides if you’re still looking for gift ideas.

My 2022 Holiday Gift Wrap


Nutcracker Suite Wrapping Paper

How precious is this nutcracker wrapping paper?! I’m obsessed. The paper is super luxe matte so it feels so nice. I’m planning to use this for all of my kiddo gifts this year.


Ski Holiday Wrapping Paper

This gift wrap is perfect for Christmas gifts! The wintery feel is so cozy, and I love the simplistic design. It has the same matte feel as the nutcracker wrap.


Plaid Wrapping Paper

This gift wrap is going to be my go-to for all of the men on my list. I love how masculine it feels. I paired this with a cream satin ribbon for a bit of femininity.

Ballard Designs

Anais Gift Wrap

So simple and so chic! This wrapping paper looks amazing with a navy velvet ribbon. I love that it can be used for literally anyone — even kids. 10/10 recommend!

Ballard Designs

Velvet Ribbon

Oh my gosh, this RIBBON! I can’t say enough about it for real. It’s that good. I bought it in red and navy, but it also comes in a gorgeous green, burgundy, and terracotta.


Satin Ribbon

I always like to include some satin ribbon in my gift wrapping. It’s super affordable and adds a feminine touch to any paper.


Quality Scissors

They’re not the most glamorous part of gift wrapping but good scissors can make or break your wrapping experience. Plus, bonus points if they look cute, right!? I’ve spent way more time than I’d care to admit in the past trying to cut my paper evenly thanks to bad scissors so it’s a (small) investment I’m all about making!


Kraft Paper Bags

Because sometimes gifts just can’t be wrapped, I always like to have some classic-looking bags around when I’m wrapping. I love that these are made of kraft paper so I can tie a beautiful velvet ribbon on top with a piece of greenery and call it a day. So easy but so elevated at the same time!

Brighton Butler 2022 Holiday Wrapping Paper

Wrapping Paper: Nutcracker Suite // Ski Holiday // Modern Plaid // Anais Floral

Ribbon: Velvet Ribbon (Navy & Red) // Satin Ribbon (Cream)