Motherhood - December 4, 2020

Pregnancy Fashion Favorites

Alright, bringing you guys more pregnancy content today, something that’s been highly requested, so I hope it’s helpful. I’ve been taking my time when sharing this stuff because I really want to make sure I LOVE something before telling other mamas-to-be to go buy it. All we (pregnant women) want is to be comfortable and have clothes that make us feel good about ourselves LOL, so want to be sure anything I share checks those two boxes.

With that said, all these items are AMAZING. I’ve been heavily relying on my longtime favorite retailer, Nordstrom, because they literally have everything. Belly support belt, check. Cozy oversized sweater dresses, check. Comfy bras that I don’t hate, check. You get the point – if you’re pregnant, basically you need this post. Nordstrom. has. it. all!!

Outfit Details: Sweater (wearing size XS – 40% OFF!) // Coat (wearing size US2) // Loafers (Fit TTS) // Maternity leggings (wearing size small)

I’m going to call out a few items if you want some more info, but also linked all my favorites right now at the bottom for y’all!

First up, this belly support belt. Y’all, if you’ve gotten to that point in your pregnancy where your belly just feels “heavy”, this will help SO MUCH. I’ve had a lot of back pain throughout my pregnancy (even at the very beginning) and this belt has helped relieve a lot of that discomfort. The best part? There’s a pocket to slide in a hot or cold compress in the back!! I wear it around the house and to workout sometimes – it feels so nice to have extra support.

I think I tried like 6 different pregnancy leggings, but my favorite are by far these that I got at Nordstrom. I know the reviews are confusing because people say they pill (and they do), but I don’t care. I have three pairs and wear one of them every single day. I love how supportive they feel and that they go all the way over my bump. I’ve been waring them since 16 weeks!


High-Waisted Leggings

I know everyone has a million opinions on which maternity everyday leggings are the best, but I always come back to these! They’re great for everyday outfits and are so comfortable!

OK, let’s talk about sleep for a second. First of all, no position is comfortable LOL, which means it’s extremely important that whatever I’m wearing will stretch and move in every direction so I don’t have to worry about that as well. Lately, I’ve found this sleep dress to be the best option. It’s also nursing friendly so I anticipate wearing it quite a bit once baby boy gets here too. It basically just drapes and you really can’t go wrong.

And then the last thing I’ll call out is bras. If you follow along on Stories, you know this has been something I’ve struggled with. My body is just changing so much and it’s hard to keep up with this area if you know what I mean. Seamless options have worked the best for me so far. My favorite right now is this one – it’s so comfy!

True & Co.

V-Neck Bralette

I’ve tried several different ones but this one seems to be my favorite and most comfortable. I went a size up for extra comfort.

1822 Denim

Maternity Jeans

Love that these are a little cropped and that the over-the-belly waist band is tight and comfortable.

Like I said above, here are all the links to the rest of my favorites including some great maternity jeans, a pair of joggers (love) I’ve been wearing a lot and this sweater dress, which is non-maternity but works so well with the growing bump.

Seriously so thankful all of this can be found at Nordstrom. It’s saved me a lot of headaches from having to search around to a million different retailers because I know they just have what I need! But also, I was able to try a bunch of stuff with free shipping and then easily return!

*This post is brought to you by Nordstrom. As always, all opinions are my own!